State design award: Focus Open celebrates outstanding designs – Ludwigsburg

Up-and-coming designers Helena Kiefer, Georg Kloeck and Elias Grieninger were successful with their ideas for the Mia Seeger Prize (motto: “Anything benefits more than one”). Photo: Simon Granville

Product design that inspires: The internationally oriented Focus Open competition selects its winners. Two of them come from Ludwigsburg this year. What did the designers do most convincingly this year?

An intelligent T-shirt that uses sensors to alert the emergency center if the wearer has been electrocuted. A light and stable fire protection helmet to which additional parts such as a neck light can be clicked without tools and with one hand. Or installation houses that simplify electrical installations in concrete ceilings or walls. It is innovative, esprit-designed everyday items like these three that not only make district president Susanne Bay rave – “We see unique solutions to everyday challenges here!” having.

At Focus Open 2022, the internationally oriented design award presented by the Design Center in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the jury members awarded nine “Focus Gold” awards for forward-looking, outstanding design solutions, 18 “Focus Silver” awards, and 16 “Focus Silver” -awards “Focus Special Mention”. The field of applicants included both large players, some of whom have their own design departments, as well as start-ups and solo freelancers.

From career starters to heavyweights, everything is included

The low-threshold access to participation characterizes the price. It owes itself to its abolition of the state: the state sees its design center as a living economic promotion. “Design is becoming more and more important,” says center manager Christiane Nicolaus, “there is no longer an industry where design is not used as an economic and success factor.” At Focus Open, everything is included “from career starters to heavyweights”. The jury changes every year (“There are no rope teams”), jurors are not allowed to submit their own entries, there is no pre-selection, and they are not judged on the basis of photos: “The jury can only judge something adequate. that they touch and try it themselves or try it out,” explains Nicolaus.

The winners from Germany and abroad are chosen annually in Ludwigsburg, which pleases the mayor: “The prize and the exhibition are of incredible importance for our city. It’s great that we can show off these good, future-oriented ideas,” says Matthias Knecht. This year is the icing on the cake for him: Two prizes go to Ludwigsburg The company Instagrid GmbH received a gold “Focus” for its portable battery storage (design: Inhouse, Felix Fuchs) – “one of the most ingenious advertising media in Ludwigsburg”, says Knecht . Maxmaier Urbandevelopment won the special “Focus Meta” prize, which is awarded only once a year – or not at all if no entry was submitted that turned out to be sparkling enough – for the district conversion of old industrial halls in the western part of Ludwigsburg (concept: SFP Architects Stuttgart). The jury assessed the concept as a “visionary example of a new understanding of urban work”. Christiane Nicolaus, trained industrial designer, is also hooked: “This entrepreneurial sion began more than 20 years ago and is far from over.”

Young designers also get a chance

The award-winning products, which include, for example, a long-handled dowel, a wristwatch, a hiking ski boot, a commercial dryer, a workshop seat, an autonomous counterbalanced forklift and long-haul aircraft seats, can be seen at the Ludwigsburg Museum until November 20 – Tuesdays to Sundays between 10 a.m. and 10 a.m. and There will be guided tours on the subject on 30 October at 15:00 and on 17 November at 16:30. The designers of the future also get a place there: the show also shows products that have received the Mia Seeger Prize for junior designers from German universities.

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