New NFT collection aims to collect all Solana and Ethereum Degens

Investor, businessman and co-founder of NFT Factory in Paris Urkann has launched a new NFT collection, namely Degen Sweepers. The goal here: All Degens from the Solana ecosystem and beyond must gather here. His collection is in response to requests from his community, which he affectionately calls the Urkann Army. Its followers can gather here and indulge their passion for NFTs. But more importantly, they can get closer to their mentor.

This series, consisting of 10,000 NFTs with frozen metadata, builds on the brand. Contemporary artist Resist created these.

Urkann is well known in the crypto community on Twitter. He has built a solid reputation through his successful investments in NFTs. With these investments, a comprehensive strategy, the so-called Sweeping Strategy, has been developed. In this method, a collection with high potential is purchased in bulk at the “base price” and then stored over an extended period of time. People who do this are called “diamond hands” (or they just call it “hodling”). Urkann has made a name for himself with projects such as Solana Monkey Business, SolGods, (The Fracture) Trippin Ape Tribe and Degods.

Selected NFTs from the Degen Sweepers collection

“With Degen Sweepers, I want to unite all Solana Degens and beyond (the Ethereum community) under one roof, the Urkann army. And together we will bring maximum benefit to our growers and the ecosystem of Degen City,” said Urkann.

The “Urkann Army” has set itself the task of promoting the entire NFT sphere on Solana. In addition, maximum added value should also be achieved to meet the needs of society. Urkann has contacted the developer Ryukwho is also the CTO of Degen Sweeper, to achieve two goals: to provide maximum value and to become a leading blockchain project.

In addition to the NFT collection

Degen Sweepers is more than just an NFT collection. In fact, this initiative aims to achieve much more than that.

First of all, there is an NFT marketplace. There are already several on the market where you can trade collectibles, including OpenSea or Magic Eden. Degen Sweepers aims to offer a comprehensive platform tailored to Degen’s specific needs. New tools will soon be available that will increase usability even more. The marketplace will also integrate a multi-chain depot to support payments from any network. Furthermore, the marketplace will return part of the revenue to the users. This means that users automatically receive a percentage of purchases made by users connected to them.

Then there is Degen City, the ecosystem built around the Degen Sweepers collection. Those who own collectibles from this series can take advantage of several advantages in this virtual metropolis (exclusive zones, apartments for hodlers). Most importantly, it acts as a one-stop shop for questions related to NFTs on the Solana and Ethereum blockchain.

Degen City will be available in two versions. One will be a regular web version and the other will be a version located in the metaverse of The Sandbox. It will be built on a 24×24 plot owned by Urkann. Property of this size is very popular in the market and several purchase offers of over US$10 million have already been made for this property in particular. The idea behind this is to gather all Degens in a single place for exchange and sharing. Users should also have full access to all community services. This universe includes the NFT marketplace, cinemas, stadiums, bars, casinos, residences and even shopping malls to collaborate with various brands and bring the Degen City ecosystem to life.

Selected NFTs from the Degen Sweepers collection

The startup recently sold 1,968 NFTs out of the 10,000 in the pool for $200 each in a funding round. This sale made up 20 percent of the total supply and brought in a total of 9879.37 SOL. Subsequently, 55 percent of the funds raised were converted into stablecoins to finance the development of Degen City. Now the team must put this idea into practice to bring even greater value to the Urkann army.

With the new NFT collection and this new ecosystem launching soon, Urkann is very close to realizing its community’s wish: to bring all the Degens out there together. You can learn more about the project through the Twitter accounts for The collection and primal can or search the collection at OpenSea, Magic Eden or The Sandbox for it.

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