iPad Pro 2022 with M2: all about design, features, price

With the internal M1 chip, Apple has turned its iPad Pro into a real workhorse that can even compete with high-end laptops. Now the company is doing it again.

Apple introduced new MacBooks with the M2 chip back in the summer of 2022. This is the successor to the M1, which Apple developed entirely itself. Although the chip is primarily intended for laptops and desktop computers, the M2 should now also come to the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro with M2 and MagSafe

According to Bloomberg industry analyst Mark Gurman, Apple could already today introduces two new iPad Pro models. As usual, there is an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch variant codenamed J617 and J620.

With the M2, the new iPad Pro is said to offer up to 20 percent more performance than its predecessor with the M1. This is significantly less than last year, when the iPad Pro with M1 could record a performance jump of more than 50 percent. Still, it packs more power than any other tablet on the market—and most laptops, too.

In addition to the M2 chip, the iPad Pro must have another major innovation: MagSafe. Introduced in 2020 with the iPhone 12, MagSafe not only enables wireless charging with a magnetic holder. A whole range of accessories are now available for the feature, including power banks, car and hand mounts, gimbals and wallets. With MagSafe, the iPad Pro could access the magnetic accessory.

No design change is expected

Externally, no major changes should be expected with the iPad Pro with M2. As usual, the tablet comes with flat edges and a smooth, black frame around the screen. Apple continues to use the same design as the 2018 iPad Pro for a simple reason. Expensive accessories such as the Magic Keyboard are specially tailored for this design and would be useless if the design were changed. Due to the flat body and the relatively thin screen edges, the iPad Pro with M2 still looks very modern in 2022.

Is there a new entry-level iPad?

According to Gurman, Apple is also working on a new entry-level iPad. While all other iPad models (Pro, Air and mini) now come with a USB-C port and in the iPad Pro design, the cheapest iPad still has a Lightning connector and looks practically unchanged in five years. If Gurman has his way, Apple can finally catch up with the other models with iPad 2022. That means: angular design and USB-C. To keep the price lower, the tablet comes as usual with a chip that is several generations old.

iPadOS 16.1 comes with the new iPad Pro

iPad Pro with M2 comes with iPadOS 16.1 from the factory. The new version of the tablet operating system is scheduled to be released on October 24, along with the start of sales of the iPad Pro. Apple has been testing iPadOS as a beta version for some time. New features include Stage Manager for complex multitasking and finally a pre-installed weather app.

Unlike previous iPad presentations, the iPad Pro with M2 will have to do without its own Apple event. Instead, the company announces the new tablet on its newsroom page. Gurman surmises that the innovations don’t justify their own event, and that Apple will concentrate marketing resources on its VR headset next year.

Nothing is known about the price of the iPad Pro so far. Last year, Apple raised the price of both variants due to the switch to the M1. However, another increase cannot be ruled out, especially in light of the significantly higher prices of the iPhone 14 outside the US.


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