iPad 2022: The 10th generation revealed – new camera, design, chip

To present the new iPads, Apple decided not to hold a major event this year. Instead, the tech company presents the latest devices via press release. In addition to a brand new Apple TV and the new iPad Pro with M2 chip, the 10th generation iPad is also included.

The paradigm shift is finally coming to the iPad

After we at Mac Life weren’t the only ones calling for a complete design overhaul of the basic iPad for some time, Apple has said goodbye to the iPad’s old look.

With iPad 10, Apple is now adapting the design of all iPads. In common language, this means for the iPad: The housing has the clear edges, straight outer sides and rounded edges like the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

At the same time, Apple has completely dispensed with the home button on the iPad, which also means that the iPad has a much larger display. The Liquid Retina screen now measures a whopping 10.9 inches instead of the previous 10.2. Meanwhile, Touch ID has been moved to the power button on the iPad, just like on the other iPad models.

Apple fulfills even more wishes

But probably the best, most requested change Apple is making to the front-facing camera on the iPad 10. The 12-megapixel camera with a wide-angle lens is no longer on the short side of the iPad, but on the long side. With this, Apple finally pays tribute to the primary use of iPads, which are usually not used vertically, but horizontally. So the camera is finally in the center and you have to look oddly to the left or turn your iPad in video conferences or similar so that you are in the center of the picture.

The rear camera also gets an update: Apple says goodbye to the previous 8-megapixel camera and now also uses a 12-megapixel camera on the back, which can even record 4K videos.

The new chip and other innovations

As usual for the base model of the iPad, the latest iteration gets a (not entirely) new chip. With the A14 Bionic Chip, the 10th generation iPad has the chip that is already installed in the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 and should therefore be significantly more powerful and therefore faster than the previous models. According to Apple, the iPad with the new chip should be able to perform up to three times better.

The iPad’s USB-C port is also new. Here too, Apple continues to adapt to the rest of the iPad range and at the same time complies with the requirements of the EU ahead of time.

With a Wi-Fi 6 and G5 module, the iPad 10 also gets an even better connection to the Internet, both at home and on the go.

New colors and accessories

As if that wasn’t enough, Apple also offers more color options for the iPad 10: they are now available in blue, pink, yellow and silver. In addition, Apple has also redesigned the Magic Keyboard Folio for iPad 10. This now also has a trackpad that can be controlled with both clicks and gestures. 14 new buttons also allow you to control your iPad even faster and easier, for example if you want to adjust the brightness or similar. The smart connector guarantees a connection to the iPad without delay and its own power supply. You can also easily pull the keyboard out of the case and use the iPad without it when you need it.

(Image: Apple)

availability and price

You can pre-order the new iPad 10 today, October 18th, and it will be available from retail stores from October 26th. The price of the new iPad starts at 579 euros, the mobile models cost 779 euros. You can choose between 64 gigabyte and 256 gigabyte storage options.

If that’s too steep a price increase compared to the iPad 9 (it only cost 379 euros when it launched), then take it easy. Because the iPad 9 will continue to be available in the Apple Store, albeit at a higher price: Apple now charges 429 euros for the older model.

The new Magic Keyboard Folio costs 299 euros and is available in white.

(Image: Apple)

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