Interior design: A designer would never make these 5 mistakes

Everyone has this romantic idea about their first apartment. We imagine how we set them up and our personality is reflected in ours interior design reflects. Nothing easier than this? think! Renowned interior designer Jeremiah Brent breaks down 5 interior design mistakes we should definitely avoid.

Interior design: dos and don’ts

How to make a home out of a home

Regardless of whether it is a house or an apartment, everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own four walls. Furnishing and furnishing contribute significantly to well-being on.

Both should for this reason not only fulfill their purpose, but also reflect the nature of the residents:in. It doesn’t matter which style you prefer. There are suitable accessories for every taste. Here we have summarized which 5 mistakes you should avoid to make your new home a home.

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1. Avoid artificial plants

Artificial plants can look deceptively real and require no care. As tempting as the green plastic is, so are you you shouldn’t buy it anyway.

Plants are more than just decoration in your home. they do your life brighter and brighter. Even if they are just by the window, in a sad corner or hanging from the ceiling, they enrich your life and have one positive effect on you and those around you.

Plants have a calming effect on us. In hospitals, patients feel much more comfortable and less bored. Sometimes they talk about one healing effect by their mere presence.

We humans are happy to see how plants grow and reproduce. We see that she is well and happy. When someone else feels good and is happy, it spreads like a virus.

If you are lying on the floor laughing, please also look at the beautiful original wooden floor. Photo: Getty Images Henrik Sørensen

2. Do not cover your original floor

Often there are beautiful original floors under ugly carpets, which deserves to see the light of day. It is often worth investing some work, and even with small changes a whole new style can be created.

Whichever style you choose: with the right floor, you literally lay one important basis for your interior design. When choosing, pay attention not only to the design, but also to Care and durability of the products.

Vintage furniture is the eye-catcher in your home and changes your view of the beauty of old things. Photo: photography2000 via

3. Don’t buy everything new

There are many reasons to buy used modern classics. Some simply find it more beautifulliving with 20th century furniture that has already passed its first residential career, others appreciate the aspect of sustainability. Some want it save moneyothers the opposite: you will invest.

Through individual furniture that is not mass-produced, your room or apartment gets your unmistakable handwriting. An old side table or armchair from previous decades makes your interior design special.

interior design
beautiful historic dollhouse – close by Photo: Getty Images FootTToo

4. Never buy home furnishings online without reading the details

If you have discovered a used object of pleasure for yourself, you should not immediately pull out your wallet. Because when buying vintage furniture, caution is advised! are too many signs of wear available or is Functionality limited, it is not advisable to invest. Unless you are so skilled with your hands that you can create a real gem for your own four walls.

Take a good look: Also regarding Brand quality and designer parts it says: Keep your eyes open when you buy! Because a well-made and well-preserved lookalike looks great in the apartment, but you’ll never pay the price of an original for it. If you have spotted a fake, you have two options – hands off or bargain hard!

coffee plant
You decide for yourself how you feel at home. Photo: getty images/Alex Farfuri

5. Never say never

If it’s about our decor, it’s also about us. And we’re constantly evolving, so it’s okay if our interior is too. There is no rules or restrictions. It is also primarily about making your own mistakes and getting closer and closer to what you would describe as your ideal.

Furnishings: buy what we need

Not everything has to look perfect right away. It’s perfectly fine if your home starts to feel light over time. You don’t want to move into a pre-built Ikea room, you want it to be your apartment. Do your best necessary time and room for mistakes, but for reasons of sustainability, your own mental health and of course cost reasonsn, you should always think carefully about whether you really need something.

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