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George Russell has revealed that Mercedes is pursuing a new design philosophy when developing the car for 2023.

Mercedes’ innovative design without side pods caused quite a stir in the paddock ahead of this season. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner even questioned the legality of the design at the time.

In hindsight, however, this bold approach by Mercedes did not pay off. Neither the record world champion Lewis Hamilton nor Russel could keep up with Red Bull and Max Verstappen this year.

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Mick Schumacher finished 13th in the Haas racing car under the floodlights in Singapore and was again empty-handed in second last. During the race there was a collision with Mercedes driver George Russell.

Also in the constructors’ championship, they fell back to third behind Ferrari after a weak weekend in Singapore. The Silver Arrows’ hopes of being very successful in the remaining five races are quite slim. Therefore, the focus in the background is already on the new season next year.

Russell believes in a better 2023

Russell now hinted that Mercedes could once again go its own way. “We have a philosophy that we want to implement in our development and I’m very confident that it’s the right one. But that doesn’t mean we can achieve it,” said Russell, who is number four in the World Cup – Driver assessment is.

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  1. Lewis Hamilton wins the season opener in Bahrain.
    Race 1: Bahrain GP at Sakhir, 5 March 2023 © Imago
  2. Formula 1 visits Saudi Arabia in December.  (Source:
    Race 2: Saudi Arabian GP in Jeddah, 19 March 2023
  3. The Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne/Australia is one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most demanding tracks in Formula 1.
    Race 3: Australian GP in Melbourne, 2 April 2023 © Imago
  4. Race 4: Chinese GP in Shanghai, 24 April 2022
    Race 4: Chinese GP in Shanghai, 16 April 2023 © Imago
  5. With its tight corners and long straights, the track in Baku guarantees a motorsport spectacle.
    Race 5: Azerbaijan GP in Baku, 30 April 2023 © Imago
  6. The track in Miami will be part of Formula 1 from 2022 (Image source: Formula 1).
    Race 6: US GP in Miami, May 7, 2023 © Private
  7. Lewis Hamilton (front) secured victory at Imola in 2020.
    7th race: GP Emilia Romagna in Imola, 21 May 2023 © Imago
  8. Perez in Vettel's footsteps drives Hamilton ahead.
    8th race: Monaco GP in Monte-Carlo, 28 May 2023 © Imago
  9. 6th race: Spanish GP in Barcelona, ​​​​22  May 2022
    9th race: Spanish GP in Barcelona, ​​4th June 2023 © Imago
  10. Canadian Grand Prix: Montreal, Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve (duration until 2029)
    Race 10, Canadian GP in Montreal, June 18, 2023 © Imago
  11. Formula 1 makes a guest appearance in Spielberg for the second weekend in a row.
    11th race: Austrian GP in Spielberg, 2 July 2023 © Imago
  12. There will be a sprint race at Silverstone.
    Race 12: British GP at Silverstone, 9 July 2023 © DPA pa
  13. Hungarian ring
    13th race: Hungarian GP in Budapest, 23 July 2023 © Imago
  14. spa
    14th race: Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps, 30 July 2023 © Imago
  15. The track in Zandvoort, picturesquely situated in a dune landscape.
    15th race: Dutch GP in Zandvoort, 27 August 2023 © Imago
  16. The track with the highest top speed: Autodromo di Monza/Italy – 349 km/h
    Race 16, Italian GP at Monza, September 3, 2023 © Getty
  17. There will also be no night race in Singapore in 2021.
    17th race: Singapore GP in Singapore, 17 September 2023 © Imago
  18. Formula 1 continues to run rounds at the Suzuka International Racing Course.
    18th race: Japanese GP in Suzuka, 24 September 2023 © Imago
  19. The route profile for the Losail International Circuit.
    Race 19: Qatar GP at Losail, 8 October 2023 © Sky
  20. Austin
    Race 20: US GP II in Austin, 22 October 2023 © Imago
  21. The track with the longest distance to the first corner: Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City/Mexico - 890 meters
    Race 21: Mexican GP in Mexico City, 29 October 2023 © Imago
  22. The track with the shortest distance to the first corner: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Sao Paulo/Brazil – 190 meters
    Race 22: Brazilian GP in Sao Paulo, November 5, 2023 © Imago
  23. Formula 1 will run in Las Vegas from the 2023 season.
    23rd race: USA GP III in Las Vegas, November 18, 2023 © Imago
  24. This is what the new Abu Dhabi GP will look like.  (Source image:
    Race 24: Abu Dhabi GP in Abu Dhabi, 26 November 2022

“We have a goal and that in itself is a big plus,” added the 24-year-old. Of course, there’s no telling how much the competition will improve this winter, “but I certainly believe we’ll have a more complete car across the entire range of the track in 2023.”

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