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Dawid Tomaszewski founded his own label in 2009. Photo: QVC

Dopamine dressing is one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022. But what does it mean? Fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski explains in an interview.

Fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski (41) not only inspires stars like Iris Berben (71) or Marie Bäumer (52) with his expressive prints. He also has success on QVC with his ready-to-wear collection. In an interview, the Polish-German fashion designer talks about the year’s most important trend, dopamine dressing – and which three colors he recommends for every woman.

One of the most important fashion trends this year is dopamine dressing. Named after the happiness hormone dopamine. What exactly does that mean?

Dawid Tomaszewski: If you wear something colorful, a particular color tonality, then you automatically shine. It spontaneously puts us in a good mood. This gives our complexion that freshness, which is particularly important.

Is this a purely visual phenomenon, or can clothes actually brighten our mood?

Tomaszewski: The moment we put on a vibrant color and look at ourselves in the mirror, we automatically feel better. When we wear bright or floral prints with bright colors, we involuntarily smile to ourselves. This is a phenomenon where dopamine is actually released in our brain. You automatically feel stronger, younger, fitter.

Fashion does indeed affect mood, which is also confirmed by a recent study.

Tomaszewski: That’s right, QVC did it among women in Germany, Italy and the United States. I found it interesting that especially the women here find bright colors and expressive patterns mood-enhancing, but particularly emphasize unusual cuts. It makes them feel more confident, optimistic, and many say they even smile more. Joie de vivre can be so simple.

What colors and patterns are particularly popular at the moment?

Tomaszewski: Everything that reminds us of nature. It can also be a bit exotic. After two and a half years of pandemic, we long for nature, the desire to travel is reawakening. Also graphic patterns reminiscent of the Far East or regions such as Morocco or Portugal. It is best to choose large patterns and prints for tops, and certainly small patterns for pants, which make us appear slimmer and more delicate.

What advice do you have for women who are unsure about which colors and fabrics suit them best?

Tomaszewski: Speaking of my Dawid by Dawid Tomaszewski collection for QVC: You can never go wrong with the special shade of orange that I have in the collection every year. No matter what size. It doesn’t matter what hair color. No matter what age. If you are unsure, try small prints first. And if you feel comfortable in it, experiment with larger prints. But orange, light blue and a fantastic light summery khaki tone – these are the three colors that I can recommend to every woman.

Besides dopamine dressing, what other fashion trends are there this year?

Tomaszewski: Relaxed cuts, fine materials that feel good on the skin. Very close to nature. Lots of cotton, lyocell, cashmere, viscose, which is also a natural fiber. Especially in combination with synthetic fibers. This keeps the shape longer.

You are known for your unmistakable graphic prints with a statement character. How do you make these?

Tomaszewski: We have twelve people in the company in Berlin, three of whom only deal with printing. We make up to 400 prints a year, of which we actually only use ten. The rest goes into our large archive. Then we look once a year: What have we done so far? Some things are further developed, many things remain hidden forever. But it is the creative that defines our brand. There is always something better. I’m always looking for something special and I’m never satisfied with what we just made.

Is the better the enemy of the good?

Tomaszewski: It is my pursuit of perfection. When I founded my company 13 years ago, I decided to myself: if at some point I was 100 percent satisfied, I would actually quit.

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