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If you want to reach new customers as a medium-sized company, you must also advertise on social media. Facebook remains the platform with the widest reach and offers both B2C and B2B companies an effective marketing channel. In the largest social network in the world, with 47 million users in Germany alone, companies find important points of contact for effective control of their advertising messages. Thanks to effective targeting and a well-thought-out advertising strategy, medium-sized businesses can reach customers with Facebook ads and reduce waste. However, this requires appropriate expertise, which is not automatically available, especially in medium-sized companies. Companies such as the pharmaceutical group MEDICE and the construction company Schwäbisch Hall AG are therefore dependent on support from ADBAKER to master access to advertising on social media.

Think “performance design” right from the start

The right approach is essential, especially in the beginning. With performance design, a holistic approach to creating social media campaigns, key performance indicators (KPIs) can be achieved more effectively. The approach is part of performance marketing and refers to the interaction between targeted, creative and psychological factors. These are adapted to the communication in the target medium to achieve defined conversion goals and KPIs. There is a constant interaction between creation, testing, analysis and optimization.

“One of the most important driving forces that drive people to make decisions and act is their emotions. Most of the time, today – especially at a younger age – our emotions are inevitably influenced by trends such as influencers and media point out. to us,” says Patrick Dermak, co-founder of ADBAKER. “We use this effect to load ads with triggers that trigger emotions in the target audience. In this way, interest can be aroused in each product.”

With this approach, the Cologne-based performance marketing agency ADBAKER has been helping companies achieve profitable results since 2015. With a team of experienced specialists, ADBAKER is one of the largest social advertising agencies in the DACH region and manages advertising budgets between 3,000 and 300,000 euros per month and customer.

Demonstrable increase in conversion and brand awareness in medium-sized companies

Thanks to the data-driven approach and extensive expertise in creating ads, ADBAKER is able to present supposedly emotionless products in a conversion-oriented way. With ADBAKER, the pharmaceutical company MEDICE has taken the first step towards advertising on social media this year and has generated directly visible results. Fabian Beger, Global Head Strategic Development OTC at MEDICE, explains: “In addition to an extraordinary conversion rate of six percent, we were able to collect a wide range of positive reactions to our ads for our product MediGel and strengthen our brand perception on new channels.”

With the targeted address on Facebook, the advertising budget is used much more efficiently and waste is avoided. The “social” nature of the network also makes it much easier to interact with the target audience, which is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses in order to inform about product-specific topics. Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG, which traditionally relies mainly on TV advertising, was able to increase its conversion rate by 34 percent within a year with the help of ADBAKER. In addition, the company has succeeded in getting the young target group excited about building society contracts.

“Thanks to the support of ADBAKER with the creative and the right data-driven approach in performance marketing, we were able to optimize our ad spend on Facebook with targeted advertising, avoid waste and thus increase the conversion rate. Building society contracts were a boring topic for many, but together with ADBAKER we managed to bring the housing savings contract back into play in time for the interest rate reversal,’ explains Beate Schmitz, who is responsible for social payments at Schwäbisch Hall.

Mentoring for SMEs

“Facebook is an important advertising channel that can be used to reach valuable leads. Our clients have discovered Facebook as a scalable channel and are seeing the impressive results of our work. But that is not enough for us. We want our clients must continue to develop delivery significant support and achieve the best results with the existing media budget To do this we also rely on helping people to help themselves: we pass on our knowledge and enable our clients to manage advertising budgets correctly, create expressive images and run their campaigns themselves in the long term”, says Simon Mader, co-founder of ADBAKER. ADBAKER Mentoring ( was created for this purpose. Here, customers get digital training units, 1:1 templates, checklists and workflows with which they can easily get started with social media advertising and scale and optimize their campaigns in the long term.


ADBAKER is one of Europe’s leading social performance marketing agencies based in Cologne, specializing in Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. ADBAKER was founded in 2015 by the two marketing experts Simon Mader and Patrick Dermak. ADBAKER supports its clients in developing successful social media marketing campaigns, with which companies achieve maximum visibility, sales and sustainable growth in social channels. ADBAKER covers the entire value chain within performance design: from social ads to media buying, performance design and data analysis. ADBAKER’s clients include up-and-coming brands, well-known medium-sized and family businesses and global companies.

In addition, the social performance marketing agency ADBAKER offers mentoring, a training program that trains employees in marketing teams to become specialists in Facebook and Instagram Ads.

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