Analysts expect RBIS to increase in value by 7,000% compared to SHIB and Bitcoin

Although the crypto bear market is still in progress, new blockchain applications are constantly emerging. Projects that make a profit even in a falling market are currently the most popular. It is mainly about projects that best implement the latest tech trends such as crypto arbitrage. One such project is ArbiSmart. It enables consistent income from “bear market resistant” products and services through its interest bearing wallet.

ArbiSmart is a DeFi ecosystem based on the RBIS token. ArbiSmart’s rapidly growing platform, which is authorized and registered in the EU, generates a stable passive profit regardless of the direction the market moves. This is why analysts predict that the RBIS will increase in value by up to 7,000% by the end of 2022.

How ArbiSmart generates profits

ArbiSmart offers its users an interest-bearing crypto and fiat wallet with integrated fully automated arbitrage trading. In this way, returns are generated in both a bull and bear market.

ArbiSmart’s interest bearing wallet with fully automated earning programs (e.g. crypto arbitrage).

The wallet offers amazing interest rates of up to 147% per annum on its 25 supported crypto and fiat currencies. Users can choose to keep their funds safe but interest-free (and withdraw at any time) or choose a locked savings plan. These plans are available for a short term, like one or three months, or a long term, like two, three, or five years. The longer the capital is blocked, the higher the interest. The wallet holder can also decide where to pay interest on their capital (which is paid daily). Either automatically to a separate account that can be called up at any time, or for a higher interest rate to the blocked savings account (where it is added and also blocked).

In addition, wallet holders can benefit from the automated crypto arbitrage system that generates passive profits from up to 45% per year. This is a low-risk trading strategy that generates income from temporary price differences. These are short periods when a coin on different krzpto exchanges at the same time at different prices is available. Also known as price inefficiency, these differences are common and occur in all types of market conditions. There are various reasons for them, such as B. a different trading volume, or fluctuating liquidity between major and minor crypto exchanges.

ArbiSmart’s automated system, connected to 35 crypto exchanges, scans hundreds of coins at once, 24 hours a day, for price differences and automatically buys at the lowest available price (and then directly back to the highest). The difference is then the profit.

How RBIS demand increases

Wallet holders get more features and benefits (such as higher interest rates) by purchasing RBIS. This is one of the reasons why the demand for RBIS tokens is increasing. The amount of interest you can earn also depends on your account level. This is determined by how much RBIS you own. The more RBIS you ownthe higher interest you get on your BTC or Euro savings.

Wallet holders also have a financial incentive to open savings balances in RBIS as they get three times the interest rate there (compared to balances in any other currency). Those who do not want to convert their funds to ArbiSmart’s platform’s own (native) tokens, but still want to increase their profits, can keep their funds in Bitcoin or Euro and only withdraw the daily interest in RBIS.

The ArbiSmart wallet was only launched earlier this quarter, but it is already gaining popularity and the number of users is growing rapidly. This growing community means more and more people are investing RBIS in locked savings accounts, taking tokens out of circulation. The total amount of RBIS is permanently limited to DKK 450 million is. Since the supply is limited, the price rises with the demand.

Dashboard with ArbiSmart token and an up arrow and a sign that says
Only while stocks last. ArbiSmart’s token RBIS is limited to 450 million (forever).

The upcoming updates from ArbiSmarts

(And what impact it will have on the value of RBIS)

It is expected that demand after RBIS token in late 2022 and early 2023 yet will continue to rise rapidly, as several new RBIS services are launched, all of which require the use of the token. This will further reduce supply and of course stimulate demand again, causing the token price to increase. It means that significant exchange rate gains obtained from the increasing token value of each RBIS holder.

Before 2023, ArbiSmart will launch a mobile application for buying, selling, exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies. Immediately thereafter, the development team will launch a decentralized yield farming program with unique gamification features that will generate yields from up to 190,000% also per year 0.3% of fees from each trade offer. Soon to follow is the release of a collection of thousands of original digital NFT artworks, as well as an NFT marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. ArbiSmart is also working on a play-to-earn metaverse and its own professional crypto exchange.

All the services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem are interconnected, allowing RBIS holders to enjoy additional benefits and better terms when using the other services. For example, buying an NFT purchased from ArbiSmart can increase a yield farmer’s APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

So ArbiSmart offers lucrative, bear market proof services and there are more revenue streams in store for ArbiSmart users by the end of the year. In addition to the features already mentioned, gambling, liquidity options and NFT investment options are also on the way. The motto is the same: each new service will generate its own rewards, require RBIS tokens, while lowering the RBIS supply to do so to increase demandwhich ultimately drives the price up.

ArbiSmart NFT Dashboard graphic with a second window showing a plant growing out of a mason jar with coins and the word APY with an arrow pointing up.
ArbiSmart NFTs have additional benefits such as higher yielding agricultural yields.

To acquire RBIS tokens before the ArbiSmart Coin price skyrockets in the coming months, buy them today! (Only while stocks last).

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