NFT and new film at the Frankfurt Biennale B3

DNFT, Non Fungible Token, is the new thing that is also evident at this year’s B3 Biennale. When the digital art exhibition, the heart of the festival, opens on October 15, visitors will be greeted by a whole cluster of moving images that will be bought data piece by data piece, in the crypto world. And so successful that the Büdingen-based digital artist Sebastian Pfeifer, alias Everfresh, offered a workshop for NFT right away. May other young digital artists themselves discover this crypto market like Gavin Shapiro or Smack do internationally.

Her works can now be seen alongside the works of the anonymous Hati.Hati.Mas, who lets eyeballs and lecherous tongues pop out of the information columns of the S-Bahn, right at the entrance to the B3 Forum exhibition – and when Shapiro loves it on golden rails let penguins run in a loop and smack creates a downright soothing loop situation in a series of bizarre little golden alien figures, which also bear a characteristic with their gold value, then the joy of the vivid image, the art collectors’ desire to buy and the concept ” Internet gold digger”, which is apparently used here without any negative connotations, most appropriately in a former bank building.

First large moving picture exhibition at Hoci

With its exhibition of moving images, B3 is also the first major use of Frankfurt’s “House of Creativity and Innovation”, which temporarily occupies the former Bethmannbank area. There is still mostly empty space there, but the place is already on everyone’s lips as “Hoci” (pronounced: Hotschi). The gates are now open for the first time until October 23rd. Interested visitors can see the works, which mainly consist of flat screens, VR glasses and installations, between short films, video art and new, hybrid forms.

Digital in the palm garden

Digital in the palm garden

Picture: Sabrina Ratte

The spectrum ranges from queer short films with sound experiments like “Isn’t It A Beautiful World” to Instagram interactions like “Inside Eliza”, which makes visitors feel the reactions on the web like a sound collage with a person created by artificial intelligence. A cinema program with a focus on the horror film, which has recently become popular again, including the European premiere of Johannes Grenzfurthner’s “Razzennest” on 16 October at 10 p.m. runs parallel in the Astor Film Lounge and the book fair is also played by e.g. B3.

The Hoci as an exhibition venue takes time, because many of the interesting and stimulating works run for a good quarter of an hour, such as the mix of VR and games that the two young Abs brothers from Bonn will give their comrade Bonn with. citizen Beethoven more recognition among a young audience. What the two managed to do alongside school and law studies also impressed digital pioneers Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, who were awarded a “Ben”, the B3 award, for outstanding achievements in the visual arts on the opening night of the Astor Film Lounge .

Digital image in constant change

Sommerer and Mignonneau had once gained initial experience and made contacts at the Frankfurt Institute for New Media with Peter Weibel on Hanauer Landstraße. Now they have built up an interactive body of work and, like Luc Dardenne, they also have legs for the life’s work for the Dardenne brothers take on one of the first master classes on 15 October.

For ten years, B3 has combined art exhibitions, film festivals, further education programs and industry meetings, also for young people. It is represented by students from the Offenbach University of Design, whose chairman is B3 director Bernd Kracke. Jenny Sofie Kasper, for example, has processed craft and digitality into literally floating tiles in an elaborate transmission process, while Leon-Etzienne Kühne flirted with NFT in an original way: his work shows a constantly changing digital image whose encoding runs simultaneously on screen, foreground and background in one, so to speak. Whether the “gold diggers” track him down will be seen in the next few days.

B3 Biennale for Moving Image, exhibition and film program until October 23 in Hoci, Frankfurt, Bethmannstraße 7-9, as well as in the Palmengarten and at the Book Fair; Film Festival until 23 October at Astor Film Lounge, My Zeil. B3 conference until 19 October at Hoci.

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