Hair transplant in Turkey: experience confirms first-class quality

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dr Serkan Aygin – more than 25 years of experience with hair transplantation © Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic

Hair transplant in Turkey? the dr Serkan Aygin Clinic in Istanbul convinces with decades of experience and a reasonable ratio between price and performance.

Almost everyone experiences phases in their life where more and more hair falls out. Hair loss is usually only temporary and goes away once the cause has been eliminated. The causes can be very different, such as lack of nutrients, consumption of certain medicines, hormonal fluctuations or stress. Only with hereditary hair loss is the situation somewhat different.

Unfortunately, genetics cannot be influenced, so hair loss can only be delayed a little. In this case, however, a hair transplant can be considered to thicken the bald spots again. that Hair transplant Turkey enjoys increasing popularity because it scores with a unique price-performance ratio.

Hair transplants in Turkey are extremely popular

When it comes to hair transplantation, the clinics in Turkey are the ideal contact. There are several renowned surgeons in Turkey who have also made a name for themselves internationally.

The clinics have first-class equipment and can offer all common hair transplant methods. The doctors and their teams are constantly training so that innovative techniques constantly optimize the results of hair transplantation. A convincing argument for a hair transplant in Turkey is the excellent price-performance ratio, which is unmatched worldwide. However, the low prices are not a sign of poor quality. On the other hand, the costs can be kept so low because the personnel costs are not comparable to those in Germany.

Natural and dense before and after results of the clinic
Natural and dense before and after results of the clinic. © dr Serkan Aygin clinic

The capital Istanbul is a real mecca for high-quality hair transplants, as many experienced surgeons have settled here. So if you want to enjoy a full head of hair again, you should definitely take a look at the Turkish providers.

Positive experiences with Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic

If you are looking for a good hair transplant surgeon, you should definitely contact the renowned doctor Dr. Turn to Serkan Aygin. The hair transplant experience shows that patients are consistently very satisfied with his work. Winning the European Award in Medicine in 2019 is also a good proof of his skills. The doctor has been practicing in his clinic in the heart of Istanbul for more than 25 years and can always offer the most modern hair transplant techniques.

The classic FUE method is still the standard, which is very gentle and promising today. A fantastic growth rate of 98 percent can be achieved by Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic. A further development of the FUE technique is the so-called DHI method.

Choi Implanter pen for DHI hair transplant
Choi Implanter pen for DHI hair transplant. © dr Serkan Aygin clinic

The grafts do not need to be temporarily stored in a nutrient solution, so removal and transplantation take place in just one step. For DHI hair transplant A special transplant pen is used that allows for minimal incisions. the dr Serkan Aygin Clinic can work particularly precisely with it, so that no visible scars form.

All-round carefree package makes costs manageable

The cost of a hair transplant mostly depends on how many grafts are needed. A certain amount in euros per graft for this. Unfortunately, many providers do not always communicate the final costs very clearly. It is not uncommon for patients to end up with a nasty surprise because hidden costs are lurking somewhere. It can be done at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic does not happen, because here the patients get an all-round carefree package with all possible inclusive services.

with Dr.  Serkan Aygin Clinic full hair again
with Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic full hair again. © dr Serkan Aygin clinic

First of all, flights and accommodation in a 4-star hotel with breakfast are included. The guests are driven from the airport to the hotel and later also to the clinic. An interpreter is available 24 hours a day, so there are no problems with communication. After the hair transplant, laser therapy is performed to further optimize the result. Finally, patients receive all the care products they need for aftercare at home.

Sharing experiences on the Internet makes sense

Most people who are interested in undergoing a procedure at one of the hair transplant clinics do extensive research beforehand. The Internet provides a lot of information and enables exchange in various forums. Hair transplant Turkey experience is entered very frequently in the search engines, which speaks for the popularity of the Turkish providers.

The before and after results are almost unrecognizable
The before and after results are almost unrecognizable. © dr Serkan Aygin clinic

On these platforms you can ask other people who have already had their hair transplant experience. In this way, you also have the opportunity to search for the doctors you have already considered. Anyone who intends to get a hair transplant should definitely take advantage of this option. Unfortunately, there are still enough black sheep in this industry.

patients of Dr. Serkan Aygin benefits from his experience

The experiences of Dr. Serkan Aygin is consistently positive as he is certainly one of the most experienced surgeons in Turkey. His name is also known among experts on the international scene. The results of his interventions speak for themselves and are an important criterion for trusting this doctor.

The stylish and modern clinic in Istanbul
The stylish and modern clinic in Istanbul. © dr Serkan Aygin clinic

The doctor delivers first-class results and has a competent team by his side. Patients can choose from all modern hair transplant techniques. A free consultation provides an initial overview and is guaranteed to give those interested a sense of security.


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