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Crypto exchange: providers and fees

Investors have recognized the signs of the times and are increasingly investing in cryptocurrencies. In particular, the profit opportunities and price explosion make cryptocurrency trading a lucrative investment. However, beginners often face a big challenge because both trading and choosing a suitable trading platform can be difficult at first.

What are crypto exchanges?

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, a suitable trading platform must be found. crypto exchanges enables trading of various digital currencies. But the choices seem almost limitless these days. Finding a suitable trading platform can prove daunting for newbies. In this case, the diverse comparison of crypto exchanges of financial knowledge is particularly useful. Beginners and more experienced investors get an overview of the most popular crypto exchanges. Furthermore, valuable tips help to recognize what is important when choosing the digital trading platform to be aware of.

Which crypto exchanges are lucrative?

Today there is a significant increase in crypto exchanges and a real price explosion. It is not unusual for beginners to quickly lose track of things. However, to avoid mistakes, trading in cryptoassets must be done with care. ONE Crypto exchange comparison can facilitate decision making and helps to choose a reputable provider.

The most popular crypto exchanges – the crypto exchange comparison

Cryptocurrency trading can take place on various exchanges. But which platform offers the most cryptocurrencies on? In order to answer this question, it is worth taking a look at the various trading exchanges and the respective trading offer. At the same time, stock portfolio tips should not be ignored if stock trading is pursued over crypto asset trading.

  • eToro: eToro is considered to be the most popular provider in cryptocurrency and stock trading. At the same time, it is safe and cheap. So it is ideal for beginners. This is also illustrated by the free demo account. Using the demo account you can trade with crypto values and other assets are practiced. In general, opening an account with eToro is completely free, but at the same time investors have a trading offer from over 64 cryptocurrencies. The exchange also charges no trading or deposit fees, only spreads are due. Moreover, the minimum volume is only €50. eToro is also considered one of the safest brokers because the encryption system protects the investor’s account with optimal execution speed.
  • bison app: This is an app specially designed for cryptocurrency trading. Boerse Stuttgart is behind the Bison app. The traditional exchange strives to make crypto asset trading accessible to many people. Therefore, special emphasis was placed on ease of use, transparency and structure. Account setup is simple, so an account can be opened in moments. To minimum volume is €20, but the payment can only be made by bank transfer. No other deposit options are currently offered. But even with a small deposit you can trade in over 20 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Coin base: This trading exchange was founded in 2012 and was able to blossom into one of the most popular crypto exchanges within a very short time. Newcomers in particular benefit from the extensive range of trades. Trading can be done either through their own app or the web application. However, compared to eToro, Coinbase has relatively high fees. For example, the provider charges 3.99% for payment by credit card. Nevertheless, the trading platform is extremely popular, not least because of the large selection of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase also impresses with its ease of use and speed of execution, making it easier for beginners to start trading cryptocurrency.
  • is a CFD broker that uses special algorithms. This approach allows investors to find trades tailored to their needs and preferences. No other trading platform offers this approach and the associated encryption system. also impresses with its large selection of cryptocurrencies and the low prices. The platform is particularly suitable for experienced investors and investors. However, it must not be forgotten that is a CFD broker actions. This means that any trading activity must be done through leveraged CFDs. For this reason, is only recommended for experienced investors who are aware of the high risk and potential price explosion. Beginners should rather use another trading platform.
Crypto exchange comparison

Crypto exchange or CFD broker?

Many people are still skeptical and critical of cryptocurrency trading today. This is also because the offer is very widespread and difficult to understand, especially for beginners. Many beginners also ask themselves the question: “What is the difference between a crypto exchange and a CFD broker?”. The question is easy to answer because the difference is crucial. With a CFD broker, you do not own the cryptocurrencies, but leverage can be created. CFDs ie contracts for difference can only be purchased from a forex broker. Crypto CFDs are also not particularly suitable for beginners as the risk can be very high. Trading cryptocurrencies on a crypto exchange, on the other hand, can also be recommended for beginners.


There is a wide variety of crypto exchanges. To be able to determine the appropriate trading exchange for you, a Crypto exchange comparison be helpful. When making a decision, important criteria such as minimum volume, trade offer and execution speed should be considered. Crypto exchanges with a special encryption system are particularly secure.

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