Börse Express – FalconX 360 launches as the first and only comprehensive platform for institutional crypto investment management

As the only unified cryptocurrency investment and risk management platform FalconX 360 makes crypto investing easy with new industry-changing features

FalconX, a digital asset platform for institutional investors, today announced the launch of FalconX 360, the industry’s first and only unified cryptocurrency investment and risk management platform that provides institutional investors with comprehensive execution capabilities and end-to-end reporting across their entire digital asset portfolio.

FalconX 360 enables institutional investors to cross-margin their crypto investments within a single interface for the first time. Through a single platform, FalconX clients now have access to 94% of global liquidity, position and post-trade data for certain OTC derivatives, institutional leverage and the ability to borrow against all their balances and positions – all with an integrated risk management system.

Complete command and control when you need it most

In the wake of the greatest risk freedom crypto and traditional financial markets have ever seen, FalconX provides much-needed stability and ease of use for institutional investors.

Volatile markets require portfolio managers and traders to monitor and manage all types of risk – operational, market and counterparty – in real time across their entire portfolio. However, the fragmentation of crypto trading platforms and exchanges has made it impossible to have a unified view of assets and liabilities and execute strategies seamlessly, as investments are spread across dozens of portals and accounts. This makes risk management ineffective and cumbersome, and makes it nearly impossible for investors to assess their overall position in the market.

FalconX 360 solves this problem by giving institutions full control over the entire digital asset ecosystem to seize opportunities and mitigate risk. And all from a single dashboard for optimal operational efficiency. FalconX 360 provides institutions with everything they need throughout their crypto journey.

“Institutions just lost more than $2 billion in the biggest crypto market deleveraging we’ve seen, and investors are looking for a solution to mitigate risk and properly balance their portfolios to protect their positions and… Protecting their clients’ interests ,” said Samir Ghosh, Product Manager. “FalconX 360 is the answer: with our integrated financial management solution and cross-portfolio margining tools, investors can now manage their market exposures through a single, simplified portal with unprecedented… Optimize stability, transparency, security and risk control.”

The right solution from foundation to scaling

With the shift to digital assets, more institutional investors are entering the market and experienced investors are looking to scale their strategies to be well positioned in the future of finance. However, the status quo poses significant operational risks: the tools and relationships needed to scale returns are fragmented, individual lenders cannot readily assess risk, and there are multiple users in a fund accessing multiple platforms that are inconsistent and difficult to verify.

By combining complete crypto liquidity, transparency and governance into a single solution, FalconX 360 not only makes it easy to execute any type of trade across virtually any cryptocurrency liquidity space in a single account, but it also allows investors to manage risk over their. portfolio through FalconX’s proven single counterparty solution.

“FalconX 360 is extremely comprehensive, streamlining crypto management with unmatched operational and capital efficiency,” said Alessandro Balata, portfolio manager at Fasanara Capital our accounts.

A comprehensive, easy-to-use platform is the future of crypto investing

FalconX 360 supports institutional investors at various investment stages, from initial trading to more sophisticated portfolio management, including bets, derivatives and prime services. Investors can take advantage of FalconX’s full range of prime brokerage offerings and benefit from superior capital efficiency and a clear view of their positions across all liquidity systems.

“Fragmentation across different platforms and relationships makes it difficult to keep track of things and can also raise security issues. There are numerous platforms to trade, borrow or manage trades. FalconX integrates all of these aspects into one easy-to-use platform,” said Josh Anderson, president of Geometric Management Ltd. “The company has been a great partner, listening and listening to our business needs.”

Key features of the platform include:

  • The ability to view and manage margins across portfolios to protect your position and increase capital efficiency.
  • Access prices from more than 70 liquidity venues with integrated intelligent order routing, treasury management, risk management and operations.
  • Real-time balance/position tracking with built-in cross-platform reporting in one place – a feature that would take months of technical integration to develop yourself. FalconX 360 removes this burden and allows institutions to focus on serving investors instead of building a complex, custom system that they must now maintain.
  • FalconX’s exclusive new order book module allows investors to trade directly with FalconX while taking advantage of the best prices in global liquidity markets. Unlike other platforms that only offer liquidity in the US, Orderbook gives investors access to global exchanges and therefore a much larger pool of liquidity. FalconX’s sophisticated treasury management ensures efficient capital allocation, enabling FalconX to reliably raise liquidity at the best price.
  • Scalability to expand crypto activities from trading to lending to derivatives, with complete visibility across all activities and ability to move capital to meet margin requirements – all on one platform.
  • Access FalconX’s continuous innovations, including analytics and insights based on historical trading, to optimize future investment performance and maximize returns.
  • Personal service and personalized solutions to help institutional investors grow their digital asset business.

“FalconX 360 is the foundation of the future of investing – the platform on which we will build additional value-adding services to give investors the confidence and certainty to realize the full potential of truly global digital assets,” said Raghu Yarlagadda, Founder and CEO. by FalconX.

To learn more or get started with FalconX today, visit https://falconx.io.

About FalconX

FalconX is a comprehensive digital asset platform that enables institutions to access and manage all their crypto strategies through a single interface and seamless workflows, facilitating the execution of trading, prime services and clearing in one place. FalconX’s crypto-as-a-service offering enables leading banks, fintech institutions and investment applications to easily add cryptocurrencies to their product offerings with the goal of enabling the next billion users to enter the crypto space. The company is backed by investors including Accel, Adams Street Partners, Altimeter Capital, American Express Ventures, B Capital, GIC, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sapphire Ventures, Thoma Bravo, Tiger Global Management and Wellington Management. FalconX has offices in Silicon Valley, New York, Chicago, Bengaluru and Malta. Visit falconx.io or follow the company for more information Twitter and LinkedIn.


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