Night lights for children: 7 ideas to overcome the fear of the dark

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Night lights for children: seven ideas to help them fall asleep

With a nightlight in the room, many children find it easier to fall asleep.

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Falling asleep alone and in the dark is a big problem for many young children. Above all, the darkness triggers fear or even nightmares in them. Night lights are designed to help little ones fall asleep with a good feeling.

Finding your way to the toilet in a pitch-black apartment without having an accident is a real challenge for many adults. If sleepy children stumble out of the loft bed at night and through the dark corridors, blue toes and a pounding skull are almost inevitable. Unless a night light helps them get to the bathroom safely.

The nocturnal trip to the toilet is just one of the reasons why many parents think about a night light in the home. Between the ages of three and five, children begin to experience the dark as a threat. In the so-called magical phase, the boundaries between reality and fantasy are often blurred. The monster under the bed or the burglars in the hallway are a very real danger for the little ones these days. Even six-year-olds are often not yet able to distinguish between dreams and reality. A night lamp can help to initially remove their fear of the dark. This makes them feel more secure when they fall asleep. There are night lamps for children in virtually all shades, with color changes, for the socket, as a wall lamp and a magical starry sky on the children’s bedroom ceiling.

Seven ideas to help overcome children’s fear of the dark at night.

1. VAVA LED night light

Vava’s illuminated egg is one of the most popular night lights for young parents. And there are several reasons for this. One of the most important: the LED night light is practically indestructible. It is made of “toy quality” materials. It is only suitable to a limited extent for playing football, otherwise children’s hands cannot damage the Vava egg. The light can be turned on and off via two sliders on the underside and changed from a warm permanent light to a play of colors. Everything else works by touch. Both the brightness of the continuous light and the play of colors can be adjusted using a simple touch function. In the author’s endurance tests, this worked reliably. The Vava LED night light is charged via USB. In the darkest environments, it lasts up to 100 hours on a full charge. The author can also confirm this from his own experience. The Vava LED night light is available here.

2. All Kids United LED Night Light “Starry Sky”

This starry sky projection for the children’s room is based on a completely different principle. The sheep made of soft plush act as a pet and a magical sleeping aid at the same time. Holes have been punched in the backs of the sheep, through which the light is projected onto the ceiling. In addition to different colors, there are also constellations hidden in the stomach that can be observed. If necessary, there are also four musical classics to fall asleep to. Too bad: the LED starry sky is battery powered and cannot be charged or operated with a mains adapter. Here is the “Starry Sky” LED night light from All Kids United

3. “Sloth” snooze light

This snooze lamp for the wall is cute. The motif, a small sloth, is made by hand from six and four millimeter thick poplar wood and then painted. A battery-powered LED light chain with ten or 20 small LEDs illuminates the mammal native to South and Central America. The small, 35 cm wide variant has a timer function. The slightly larger model (approx. 55 centimeters wide) does not have a timer. This animal night light is turned on and off with a pull switch. Beautiful: On request, the wooden figure can also be individualized with a name or an engraving of your choice. Direct or indirect lighting and operation via a socket is also possible. The night light in sloth design is available here.

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4. Reer night light “MyMagicStarLight”

“MyMagicStarLight” from Reer also conjures up a starry sky on the ceiling of the children’s rooms. The stars shine in either classic white, green or violet. Color changes are also possible. Five nature sounds and ten lullabies will ensure even more peace when you fall asleep. MP players or smartphones can also be connected via an AUX cable, for example for a radio player to fall asleep to. A small LCD display on the front shows either the time or the room temperature. A three-step timer is integrated as an additional function that automatically switches off the night light after 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Here is the night light “MyMagicStarLight” from Reer.

5. Ansmann LED night light “The Mouse”

This night lamp from the famous TV series “The Show with the Mouse” comes without a lot of frills. Three batteries are stored in the base, which turn on an integrated LED. The touch sensor can be used to turn it on and off again. After 30 minutes, the LED lamp switches itself off thanks to the built-in timer. The glowing mouse bathes the children’s room in a subtle orange. It’s enough to help you fall asleep and find your way to the door and the toilet. Alternatively, Ansmann also has the mouse’s best friend, the elephant. Here is the sleep aid from “The Show with the Mouse”. And here is the elephant.

6. Philips LED wall night lamp Disney “Elsa”

This LED wall lamp from Philips should especially please fans of Disney’s hit movie “Frozen”. The iceberg rises a mighty 34 centimeters and is made to glow by three permanently installed LEDs inside. The batteries are in the bottom of the night lamp, which can be mounted on the wall. The cool, bluish light can be made slightly brighter or darker with the help of two switches. This night light does not have a timer. Here is the wall night lamp for little Frozen fans.

7. Beaba night light

The French designers of this night lamp for babies and toddlers had a fun, if obvious, idea. The lamp in the shape of a pixie can be used both as a static night light and as a flashlight. The mode can be easily changed using a large and user-friendly button. Your own first torch should make many a three-cheese-high very happy. But the pixie lamp is practical for another reason. Thanks to the smart design of the pointed hat, it can be easily hung on the cot, the door or other places. At the latest after 90 hours (manufacturer’s specification), the elf needs an energy boost. It works via USB. The matching cable is included in the scope of delivery. The 2-in-1 night lamp from Béaba is available here.

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