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Live worry free from cryptomining – How to do it

Who doesn’t dream of just traveling around the world, seeing distant lands and enjoying life? Unfortunately, retirement comes very late and is usually not enough for such a life.

The fastest way

One of the fastest and easiest ways to live a carefree life right now is crypto mining. Here you buy special mining servers that do only one job all day long: mining for cryptocurrencies.

You no longer have to be an IT geek to be able to operate the miners and if you e.g. using our hosting service. I will explain how to do it later.

How much money do you need for your financial freedom?

Let’s start by calculating what you really need to live a relaxed and carefree life.

For example, is 5,000 euros a month enough for you, or even better, 10,000? If you want to travel a lot, it should be way above that, so it all stays really relaxed.

How would you feel if it was 100,000 euros a month?!? I also want to show you how it works.

How to earn 10,000 euros per month with cryptomining?

No business runs without investment, including cryptomining.

In the following ways and calculations, I have ignored the charges to be able to show this in a simplified way. However, there are very interesting solutions that specifically enable mining, such as 100% amortization within a year.

The 1st way – own investment

Currently, and despite the crypto winter, the bear market, bad economic mood and even the Russian war, mining offers strong monthly returns between 1 and 9%.

Depending on the choice of the different cryptocurrencies, the earnings are different – ​​hence the different returns.

Now if we take a healthy mix with 5% per month, it only requires an investment of about 200,000 euros and you will receive about 10,000 euros every month – with daily payments. So you don’t have to wait and hope how the miners are doing in a month.

The 2nd way – financing & equity

The next alternative is financing and equity. Depending on your creditworthiness, this path is easy, difficult or impossible. However, there are countless offers for good and cheap financing.

The 3rd way – our partner program

You can also easily earn your mining freedom by building a strong affiliate network through our partner program | affiliate. You start with 2% commission and at the top it is 8.5%!

With these amounts, you must always remember that customers rarely buy less than 100,000 euros from us. This means that even a small customer is worth 2,000 euros to you at the lowest level. And 95% of our customers keep buying. Here too, you will always continue to receive your commission, as well as a share of all recommendations and customers of your customers, as well as their customers (with 7 earning levels, you have a strong affiliate program at hand).

Your entrepreneurship is now in demand here!

Merit example affiliate program

Just imagine that you only refer 5 customers per month, worth 100,000 euros, that alone equates to a commission of 10,000 euros.

In the next month you refer 5 customers again, your first customers also refer 5 customers each so you not only move up the commission level but also get 1% of your customers’ sales. 5 x 100,000 = 500,000 euros = 5,000 euros commission + your own sales of again 500,000 = 20,000 (due to your new commission level), a total of 25,000 euros!

And what do you think your customers will do in the next month? They are already making a lot of money with their miners and showing it to all their friends and family. They recruit the next customers, of course, but at the same time they continue to buy – and you earn a lifetime on every purchase made by your referred customers.

Want your earnings x 10?

Yes, we can do that in mining too. As? Quite simply: through the mining interest rate.

How it works?

You only pay the electricity and hosting costs from your mining income and from the remaining income you always buy new miners for a period of 4 years.

This means: 1 x 200,000 euros invested, 4 years reinvested the profit = 10 times income in approximately 4 years and almost 20 times in 5 years.

In plain English: After 4 years you will be earning over 100,000 euros per month.

Remember, only once invested 200K out of pocket or earned through the affiliate program.

In the affiliate program it is even more obvious because everyone keeps buying new units and thus everyone in the chain earns money and even uses Prov to buy new miners.

Why doesn’t everyone do it when it’s so easy?

Because you just have to do it and don’t have to spend months thinking about why something doesn’t work or what speaks against it.

More than 600 million euros per month are paid to the miners in Bitcoin commissions alone! Thousands of people around the world are already doing it.

It is entirely up to you when you take your life into your own hands and act. This gives you a mega chance, you just have to act.

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