Emergency tips so the child doesn’t just run away

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Difficult for parents when the child just walks across the street with such an urge to move. How to react in such moments.

When parents are out and about with their active and adventurous child on the playground, in town or on the road, there is often a worry that they may simply “get away” again because they feel attracted by sounds or sights. In such moments, the affected parents can still react themselves and control the situation as much as possible.

It becomes difficult when parents place their young children in a daycare center (Kita) and the educators and then “must” trust that their child will be well looked after and supervised. So does Shannan Lee, a mother from Greater Manchester in North West England. She had taken her two-year-old son Henry to the facility as usual, only to find out later that the little one had apparently run away. Did he not listen to the adults? Useful tips for emergency situations can help ensure that the child does not just run away.

Parenting: What to do when kids always want to run away?

What sounds completely absurd to some may seem like the only thing that can help parents with a particularly adventurous child so that they don’t run off into traffic: backpacks that can be fitted with some kind of string. (Icon image) © JohnAlex/Imago

As you know, there are such and such children: some are quite shy and reserved, they do not leave the side of their parents and carers. Other children, on the other hand, have a strong hunting instinct, want to explore everything and feel a great attraction to just start running. The latter can be particularly challenging outdoors and in public. Even if parents keep making it clear to their child that they must not run away, the impulse of the little ones who love to explore is stronger – and in a moment of inattention, the child is suddenly out of sight.

That’s what happened recently to little Henry (2), when he ran out of the daycare and across the street, which the surveillance camera documented, loudly RTL news. Fortunately, a passerby spotted the two-year-old in time before he could cross another busy street. “The thought of what could have happened to him scares me. He could have been hit by a car or died. I don’t even want to think about it.” RTL the shocked mother. It is clear that she no longer wants to give Henry to the facility. The municipalities are currently clarifying the extent to which the educators have breached their duty of supervision.

What not only Henry’s mother wonders: Could the incident have been prevented? How should parents prepare their child for suspected dangers?

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Parenting: Tips for emergency situations when the child runs away

As a parent, it feels like you have to keep your eyes and ears open everywhere. After all, there are many dangers lurking that the helicopter parents feel with their overprotectiveness. It’s not that easy to let go. What would the relaxed “panda parents” advise so that the child doesn’t just run away?

If you already know that your child may have a tendency to move away from you or other caregivers, prepare your child and the caregivers at the daycare accordingly. While this is no guarantee that your child won’t just run away, supervisors can take stricter measures and keep an even closer eye on your child.

Child just runs away: 1. Keep talking about it

There can be various reasons why your child runs away (again and again). As difficult as these situations are, parents should try to remain calm and then talk about it with their child in a quiet moment – ​​over and over again. To possibly find out the reasons for the child. Even young children can reveal what made them run away despite their limited vocabulary.

Child runs away: 2. Prepare grandmother, grandfather, babysitter and pedagogue in the daycare

Always involve the people who have direct contact with your child, and don’t be afraid to ask for special care in supervision. Feel free to point out that your child is adventurous and likes to go hiking – that way the carers can arm themselves accordingly.

Child just runs away: 3. Regular traffic training

Practice situations in public and on the road regularly: Show and tell your child that they must always wait on the street and that they must never cross without an adult.

Child runs away: 4. Point out the dangers to the child

Take this traffic situation as an opportunity and make it clear to your child how great the danger of a car accident or something else can be. Try to choose words and descriptions that are appropriate for your child’s age.

Child just runs away: 5. Safety measures such as a backpack with a string

What sounds completely absurd to some may seem like the only help for parents with a particularly adventurous child. There are backpacks that can be fitted with some kind of string to keep children close to their parents and protect them from danger – especially those who don’t seem afraid of traffic and can just sprint out onto the road from the parents’ point of view, a string on the backpack can used to protect them from major damage.

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