3 Crypto Deals You Should Definitely Know About

In the bear market, there are currently 3 crypto offers with extraordinary potential. Because they offer an attractive investment idea even during a crypto winter. But otherwise could countercyclical investors are currently enjoying particularly high discounts, If you don’t go with the flow like dead fish, but want to get to the source. So you could look for an old one Stock market wisdom from financier Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild Act: “It’s time to buy when there’s blood on the streets.“. that most interesting possibilities in this context you can now find the following article!

IMPT – Most sustainable ESG coin for carbon trading, monitoring and mitigation


ONE unusually attractive project currently provides most climate-friendly cryptocurrency IMPT because Until now, blockchains were considered more harmful to the environment and bad for the climate. But the fact that the exact opposite is also possible can make it so ambitious project with its 99.99% more energy efficient network skillfully demonstrate. Because it The most important goal is to reduce CO2 emissions using different methods. It should reducing carbon consumption has never been easier. This includes a Carbon trading via NFTsthat first global CO2 tracking score as well as one sustainable marketplace.

Purchasing through the marketplace will create a Part of the profit margin donated to climate-friendly projects of the customers’ choice. Go beyond 10% to the platform to finance research, further development and much more. However, the special thing is that saved CO2 with interest as NFT becomes. So they will Users are also financially motivated to save even more carbon. Besides, there are many other ways to do it to earn rewards through eco-friendly services.

Governments receive e.g. various tools via IMPT to introduce and control new laws and taxes. But companies also benefit from various opportunities such as easily offset their CO2 footprint. For all these reasons it could professional team with many years of experience from, among others, Google and Oracle already convinced many of themselves. Because so far have over 100 projects and 10,000 brands such as Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and D&G with over 2 billion products selected IMPT.

Best ESG Investment 2023 - Sustainable Eco-friendly Cryptocurrencies for CO2 Emissions

The project is currently in an interesting phase pre-saleas in 3 stages of price increases expires. They can first investors to benefit from a secure return of over 55%while she Protected against losses until the first IPO is. There is one though particularly high demandso it will probably sell out before the scheduled time.

Tamadoge – AR and VR pet for everywhere, including metaverses and games


metaverse is one of the latest trends and could be so in the future Revolutionizing the Internet via the immersive Web3. So have already now some companies specialize in building, renting or trading virtual real estate. However, there are also many other markets that hold great potential in connection with the metaverse. Tamadoge would like to focus on that 3D virtual petscomparable to a Tamagotchi, but experienced like Pokémon Go.

To participate in your own Play to earn crypto games and Tamaverse becomes one of them limited 21,100 Tamadoge NFTs needed. These are divided into 100 very rare, 1,000 rare and 20,000 common non-fungible tokens. They differ in their unique habits and skills.

In the game, the NFT dogs can see climb the rankings through grooming, training and competitions. In return, they get for it Rewards in the form of TAMA hardened and tempered. This is a deflationary meme coinfrom which per transaction 5% burned will. So from one ongoing increase in value due to supply shortages be beneficial.

3 Crypto Offers - Tamadoge TAMA

In his notable ICO the project may soon generate coins worth 19 million dollars to sell. Since then, Tamadoge has been beautiful listed on a few crypto exchanges. These include LBank, MEXC, Uniswap and OKX. The first investors in the pre-sale could register within a few days of the listing Return of 1,800% obtain. Since then, however, there has been one consolidation has taken place, anyway early investors still a gain of 276.6% generated. Should first now selling the rare Tamadoge be in Arcade games and Tamaverse will follow in the near future.

SolChicks Token – P2E GameFi ecosystem with 25+ games

SolChicks is one P2E RPG with chickens. From this there is already to see the first gameplaysWhich one can be compared to the popular game Diabolo 2 is. SolChick is one of those am fastest growing crypto game on the popular Solana blockchain. It could more than 400 major investors start for yourself and be on over 34 launch pads gifts. It was Recognized as the most anticipated blockchain game of 2021 by playtoearn.net.

It is led by a professional team with over 100 employees. They have, among other things, worked for Activision Blizzard and Warner Bros for years. In addition, the game comes from the house Catheon gameWhich one 25 high quality games developed. It was Named the fastest growing blockchain company in Asia Pacific by HSBC/KPMG out of 6,472 companies.

Now SolChick’s token officially rebranded and relaunched as a universal control and utility symbol for the entire Catheon gaming system being used. That’s how it will be first coin on Solana and Polygon with a big game brand and big game portfolio. Therefore SolChicks coin is more likely now comparable to a cryptocurrency for the Steam gaming platform.

3 Crypto Deals - Solchicks CHICKS

Since CHICKS all-time high, the coin has been around 99.12% decreased. However, SolChicks has been able to do that ever since October 10 and the announcement of the relaunch rose again by more than 51%. Finally, the coins are thus So in the future it will be able to be used for more than 25 games and the entire ecosystem. So they have one significantly higher added value and thus also price. Also interesting is the Liquidity Farming offer on Cropper with a Dividend of currently 374.75% per annum.

IMPT logo

IMPT – The world’s first climate token

IMPT – The world’s first climate token

  • Participate in the climate protection program by investing in IMPT tokens
  • Emission trading based on blockchain
  • Now available for pre-sale


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tamadog logo

Tamadoge (TAMA): The new Shiba inu with 100x potential?

Tamadoge (TAMA): The new Shiba inu with 100x potential?

  • New memecoin with 100x potential
  • Tamaverse Ecosystem, with P2E games, NFTs and more!
  • Exclusive Private Sale!


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Crypto Launchpad: The Best Telegram Group!

Crypto Launchpad: The Best Telegram Group!

  • Neutral market analyses
  • Daily summary: winners/losers for the last 24 hours
  • All about the current NFT hype


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