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What if you no longer had to buy expensive programs and know how to use them to express your creativity, and instead could just say, “Hey computer, draw me a picture of a German Shepherd in a bobble hat”? Microsoft Bing Image Creator should be able to do just that. “Microsoft Designer” is another creative tool that also has built-in AI.

The heart of the new creative tools is the artificial intelligence DALL-E 2, which is based on Open AI. According to the description, DALL-E can “create unique, realistic images and graphics from a text description by combining objects, attributes and styles.”

If you enter “An astronaut on a horse as a line drawing”, DALL-E immediately understands what to do (I’m writing the examples in German, but DALL-E currently only understands English). An explanatory video for DALL-E can be found on YouTube.

An astronaut on a horse

Now for the new products that Microsoft introduced or announced today.

Microsoft designers

Invitations, greeting cards, social media posts and other creative ideas should be a breeze with Microsoft Designer. Instead of searching through templates and struggling with formatting, Microsoft Designer simply describes how you want the result, and the web-based app does the rest. Thanks to the integration of DALL-E, Microsoft Designer does not use the same templates over and over again, but each generates unique graphics.

In the euphoria of a product announcement, it all sounds a lot easier than it is in practice afterwards, but for graphic dyslexics like me, who have ideas but don’t have the technical skills to implement them, it certainly has potential, a real to become a game changer. Microsoft Designer has its DNA in PowerPoint, where the ability to automatically design slides has been available for a long time. I use it often and still with great enthusiasm.

As already mentioned, Microsoft Designer is a web-based application and can be found at However, the product is still in the preview phase and participation is by invitation only. After the official launch, Microsoft Designer will be available for free, but premium features require a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft designers

Microsoft Designer in Edge and Bing Image Creator

Microsoft Designer should be integrated into Microsoft Edge after its launch and, for example, jump to the page when designing contributions to social networks. Microsoft also announces “Bing Image Creator” which is integrated into the image search. Instead of searching for a suitable image, you can simply generate the desired image yourself.

No date has yet been announced for the integration into Edge and the launch of Bing Image Creator.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator

Microsoft Create

Microsoft is also launching a new portal today at, which is intended to become the central creativity hub in the Microsoft ecosystem. It is intended to bring together well-known programs such as Word or PowerPoint with new tools such as Designer or Microsoft Clipchamp and serve as a source of inspiration for many creative activities.

Disclaimer: We received the information in this article from Microsoft in advance under NDA.

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