Göttingen shines with a new design

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Goettingen shines with a new design: At the same time as the start of the new portal at goettingen-tourismus.de, the Goettingen Tourism and Marketing Association also chooses a new, up-to-date layout.

With the new website goettingen-tourismus.de, Göttingen Tourism and Marketing wants to address tourists in a targeted way. To this end, the team has expanded the portal’s range of information to attractions, hotels and restaurants and intensified communication with stakeholders. The results of a commissioned target group analysis with MB-Mikrotargeting’s office were incorporated into the planning. In this way, the association was able to develop a viable digital concept to digitally lift tourism marketing to a new level: the site is part of tourism marketing in Lower Saxony and consistently relies on open data. Göttingen Tourism and Marketing is supported by the city’s network AboutCities. Information made available via the so-called Niedersachsen hub can now also be read out in other applications in addition to goettingen-tourismus.de. The following projects are currently planned across the state (source): a Lower Saxony-wide tourism app, chatbots, language assistants or web portals such as Reiseland Niedersachsen. “Data is now maintained in one place and can be integrated into different apps or websites,” says Florian Heinz, content strategist and IT manager at Göttingen Tourism and Marketing.

Göttingen’s new design

Based on this, the association developed a new design and website with the Goettingen agency Blackbit digital Commerce. In this way, the new functions can be presented in a modern way. The colorful stripes, which are a central element of the new design, are striking. “The new design in fresh, lively colors and a powerful visual presentation of the city invite you to experience and discover Göttingen. Impressions of the colorful everyday life convey an authentic cityscape that makes room for both tradition and history as well as the young Göttingen. A perfect mix that leaves you wanting more,” says Siska Wilde, Art Director at Blackbit.

As one of the first printed products, the picture brochure about Göttingen will be completely revised and is now available in the tourist information market. “We replace other print products as needed,” says Florian Heinz. From the beginning, the layout was used in social networks, advertising media or on the display content.

Göttingen Tourismus focuses on a modular design that can be used for different purposes and easily adapted.

With the relaunch, more editorial content will be published on the new website, which addresses tourists in a target group-oriented way and presents Göttingen in all its facets.

Web portals are optimized

“In recent years, we have successfully repositioned the social media department in Göttingen in the digital area. This year we are optimizing our web portals to be able to address the newly defined target groups on all channels,” says Florian Heinz. With the launch of the new tourist information portal at tourist-info-goettingen.de, more than two-thirds of sales are now generated from booking city travel tickets. Together with the new website, these services can now be further linked. In the social networks, Göttingen tourism and marketing. Last year, the Mein-Göttingen profile on Facebook and Instagram addressed over 670,000 individual accounts from users who viewed the content at least once. It currently looks like this 2022 target will be exceeded.

Technical background

Data from hoteliers, gastronomy, sights, offers and events are now published as structured, open data on the destination.one platform, with which TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen also organizes the Niedersachsen hub. For this purpose, the data must be equipped with a special license that allows the use of photos and texts. The Göttingen Tourism and Marketing Association therefore converts all self-generated content to the CC BY-SA 4.0 licenses. This means that data can also be used outside the hub. As a content management system, Göttingen Tourismus und Marketing uses the open source system WordPress to remain flexible for future technical or content-related developments. The technical relaunch became necessary because the previously used CMS has become obsolete.

media contact

Responsibility for content according to §18, subsection 2 of the state media treaty (MStV): Florian Heinz

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