Autumn holiday games: Autumn holiday fun for children – Ilmenau

Registration via e-mail to or by phone on (0 36 77) 6 89 79 39.

The open children and youth club in Ilmenau (Lawi) on Langewieser Straße is open from 10:00 to 18:00 during the autumn holidays, and there is also a holiday program that changes every day. 1.30pm on Mondays in the first week of the holiday, children and young people become chefs and make hotdogs, it costs 1 euro. The facility is closed on Tuesdays, and there will be a creative activity on Wednesdays: Children and young people will make jewellery. It starts at 1:30 p.m. On Thursday there is a table tennis tournament at 14:00 and a poker tournament at 16:00. On Friday, the holiday children meet at 2 pm to go to Suhl for laser tag. The excursion costs 10 euros.

The second week starts again on Monday with a holiday bakery, at 2 pm the master bakers bake apple sales. On Tuesday afternoon, the children and young people go to the cinema for 4.50 euros, on Wednesday, eerily beautiful creativity is required when they make scary decorations for Halloween at 1.30pm. There are two good activities on Thursdays: the holiday children can go on the ice rink at 1.30 pm or go geocaching at 2 pm. 3 euros (with own skates 1.50 euros) brought. On Friday, children and young people celebrate Halloween in the youth club. The little ghosts are welcome from 15.00 to 17.00, the bigger werewolves from Mirkwood make the house unsafe from 17.00 to 20.00.

Registration can be done by phone on (03677)200201.

The integrated children and youth center (KBZ) in Ilmenau’s Karl-Zink-Straße does not offer holiday games this fall, but opens in the second week of the holidays during normal opening hours.

The Ilmenau Student Leisure Center (SFZ) in the pond area only offers offers for groups and not for individual holiday children during both autumn holiday weeks. Although SFZ is already pretty well booked, groups of holiday kids who want to drop by for autumn or Halloween crafts can still register by phone on (0 36 77) 6 44 80.

In the women’s and family center and the multigenerational house in the old forester’s house on Wetzlarer Platz in Ilmenau, there are various autumn crafts and natural mandalas in the yard from Tuesday to Thursday from 9.30 to 11.30 in the first week of the holiday. This offer costs 2 euros.

Registration for better planning can be done by telephone on (0 36 77) 89 30 23 or (0 36 77) 20 86 25 or (0 36 77) 6 89 92 89 or by personal attendance at the building.

Children and young people from Gehren, Gräfinau-Angstedt and Langewiesen will not be bored during the holidays either, instead they can come to the youth club Langewiesen for the offers in the first week of the holidays. On Monday, the holiday children let their creativity run wild with autumn crafts, the meeting point is at 12, children and young people drive from Langewiesen to Gehren, 2 euros must be brought. On Tuesday, the children and young people watch a film of their choice in the Ilmenau cinema, meeting point is 1.15pm, cinema fun costs 3 euros. It will be wet on Wednesday, because we are going to Saalemaxx and have a swim. Bring your bathing suit, your parents’ bathing permit and 10 euros. Thursday is sporty when the youth clubs go to the bouldering hall in Erfurt. Meeting place is at 12, climbing fun costs 7 euros. A tournament day is approaching on Friday. Whether it’s darts, billiards or table football – the children and young people decide the club champions. Price: 1 euro.

Registration is possible in the youth clubs, via Facebook, by e-mail to or on Whatsapp to (0 15 20) 1 00 79 64.

Pumpkin carving is on the program on October 26 from 2 to 5 p.m.

Registration by telephone on (03 67 81) 2 35 03.

From 18 to 31 October, the Unesco Biosphere Reserve Thüringer Wald is showing a special exhibition about the eight national natural landscapes in Thuringia. “Let yourself be inspired” is the name of the multimedia presentation that takes a look at the five nature parks, two biosphere reserves and the national park. Every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., those interested can visit the exhibition in Schmiedefeld am Rennsteig in Haus am Hohen Stein.

With the nature parks Kyffhäuser and Südharz, the Thuringian Forest, the Thuringian Schist Mountains/Obere Saale, the Eichsfeld-Hainich-Werratal, the Thüringer Wald and Rhön biosphere reserves and the Hainich National Park, Thuringia has eight national natural landscapes (NNLs). They cover about a third of the state of Thuringia and offer many opportunities for discovery, reports the biosphere reserve. Visitors immerse themselves in a world of natural and cultural landscapes on their doorstep and experience the highlights of the regions at interactive multimedia stations.

“We look forward to many guests. After-school groups or youth groups are also welcome to visit the exhibition and complete a 90-minute educational program with a ranger. If the children are divided into groups, we can give around 50 children and young people the opportunity to visit the exhibitions at at the same time,” explains Annett Rabe, who is responsible for education for sustainable development.

Registration is possible by phone on (03 61) 5 73 92 46 22.

Ungdomsplejen Geratal offers holiday games from 19 to 29 October from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Children from eight or ten years old are welcome. The meeting place is between 8.30 and 9.30 in the youth center in Gräfenroda From 28 to 29 October the holiday children go to Tropical Island for an overnight stay and a city tour of Berlin. Otherwise, there is a free breakfast with a late breakfast between 9 and 9.30 every day. Children and young people also spend their holidays on the youth hiking trail, visit the indoor swimming pool in Arnstadt, the ice factory in Geratal, the Viba-Nougatwelt in Schmalkalden and go paintball or play laser tag in Gräfenhain. An afternoon of games is also on the agenda. It is possible to drive to the holiday playgrounds in Gräfenroda from all villages in the municipality of Geratal. The children are also driven home. A fee is paid for the events.

More detailed information and registration from the youth worker Steffen Fischer on (0160) 8 00 05 75 or at

In addition, the youth worker in VG Geratal/Plaue, Anett Grass, has put together a varied holiday offer. The first week with a trip to the alpaca farm in Vieselbach, a visit to the Ilmenau skating rink, a trip to Erfurt and a cinema club day is already full, but in the second week there is still some space for registration, she reveals. In the second holiday week, children and young people can look forward to a day at the Elgersburg children’s and young people’s center on Monday. The fee is 1 euro. On Tuesday, the holiday children go to the Ilmenau cinema, 6 euros must be brought. It gets sporty on Wednesday and Thursday, when the holidaymakers go to Saalemaxx for swimming and to the trampoline park in Erfurt. Bathing fun costs 12 euros, jumping fun 15 euros. On Friday, children and young people celebrate the end of their holiday in Elgersburg, bring 1 euro.

Registrations by phone on (0 36 77) 46 92 79 or by e-mail to

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