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Over 70 films are on the program at the 37th Osnabrück Film Festival. Short and feature films, documentaries or feature films. Music is in focus for almost everyone this year. There is also a large program for children aged 4 and over.

by Birgit Schutte

“Tankfee” appears in the film of the same name in a shiny blue disco outfit with welding goggles and red lipstick. She is sitting on her pink moped. The shrill, corpulent young lady delivers gas bottles and dances with them on her shoulder as if they were child’s play. A little boy is madly in love and wants to be and look like her. The short musical film is shown in the program for children and young people at the film festival in Osnabrück.

There are other stories for the younger ones, says Miriam Vogt from the film festival in Osnabrück: told in an unconventional way, like an experimental film for kindergarten children: “It’s called ‘Luce and the rock’ and tells about escape and homelessness using only primary colors .”

Music plays a big role at the film festival in Osnabrück

New forms of storytelling are also tested in the program for adults. As soon as it was seen, it became clear that the music plays a big role, emphasizes Julia Scheck, director of the film festival in Osnabrück. But that would not soften the films’ critical themes: “There are many films that use dance, music, parody, disguise to attract attention. It is not always pure entertainment, but also an expression of protest.” Like the Brazilian short film “Fantasma Neon”. The focus is on bike messengers who remain invisible despite their neon colored clothing. They move through the streets like phantoms. In the film, they dance with their boxes on their backs, making them visible.

Especially socially critical films

“Neptune Frost” is the name of a Rwandan film described as an Afro-futuristic science fiction musical. The main character, Matalusa, escaped from his brutal work in the coltan mines. Greed robs the country and its people of its resources. In a village made of recycled computer parts, he meets the intersex hacker Neptune, and she kidnaps him into another world.

The film is a collage of performed scenes, documentaries, ecstatic dance scenes and takes the viewer into a virtual, poetic world. The digital future as hope for a better world. “He just tries so hard and goes into every genre and every corner that you can try. This creates a mix of new things that we have to dissect first. This is one of the entries from this year that completely blew me away.” Afro-Futuristic-Sci-Fi-Musical is just one of more than 70 mainly socially critical entries that promise exciting film evenings at the 37th Osnabrück Film Festival.

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At the end of the film festival, the Belgian Emmanuelle Nicot’s feature film debut received the prize provided with 5,000 euros. more

Swedish director Ruben Östlund in a TV interview with NDR at the Hamburg Film Festival on the German premiere of his Cannes winner

Ruben Östlund won his second Palme d’Or at Cannes with “Triangle of Sadness”. At the weekend, he presented the satire in Hamburg. more

A photographer photographs Iris Berben, Ruben Östlund and Sunnyi Melles © Screenshot

After the world premiere of Fatih Akin’s “Rheingold”, there was another highlight on Sunday evening: the documentary “FCK 2020” about HP Baxxter. more

Hamburg director Manaka Nagai in front of the Kursaal festival cinema at the San Sebastián Film Festival with his short film

Several North German-funded productions ran at the Spanish festival, such as a short film by Hamburg-based Manaka Nagai. more

Filmfest Osnabrück: Focus on music and children

Over 70 films are on the program at the 37th Osnabrück Film Festival. Short and feature films, documentaries or feature films.



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