New Ford Mustang (2023): engines, transmissions and design

Ford is relaunching its classic Mustang brand. Beneath the sheet metal, the sports coupe remains largely unchanged – apart from the cockpit.

  • More power to the V8 engine

  • Market launch in Germany in summer 2023

  • New performance variant “Dark Horse”

Even with the recent makeover for the legendary Mustang, Ford remains true to itself. that seventh model generation of the pony car relies on aggressive styling and V8 power as usual. For the first time, it will also be a particularly strong one “Dark Horse” performance version of the Mustang. The coupé and cabriolet, on the other hand, initially manage without electrification. The sports car is expected to be available to order in Germany from late summer 2023.

Unusual: A Mustang with a big screen

Crisp short shifter and digital cockpit: The seventh generation Ford Mustang ©Ford

Visually, the new version of the two-door model is based on the previous model: a long hood, large radiator grill, angular fenders and vicious headlights characterize the muscular appearance. A large, slightly concave pulls into the interior wide screen one that extends from the center console to the back of the steering wheel. Instead of round air vents, there are now angular ones, and the interior is generally a bit more angular than it was last time. The Americans have updated the infotainment system, which is now available via Over-the-air update can be updated.

The “real” Mustang still relies on internal combustion engines

Aggressive appearance: newly designed headlights and distinctive air intake on the bonnet ©Ford

While Ford with the Mustang Mach-E is already a clean one electric SUV with a respectable range in the German market, the petrol continues to flow through the veins of the original pony car. The core of the range of drives for the new Mustang remains the familiar one 5.0 liter V8 internal combustion engine, albeit in a revised version. At its peak, this unit should produce more than the previously possible 338 kW/480 hp.

Even those that are currently no longer offered for the Mustang in Germany Four cylinder turbo from Ecoboost family experience a new edition. However, Ford has not yet announced which markets this engine series is intended for. In addition to a ten-speed automatic gearbox, you can also choose between a manual six-speed gearbox with automatic speed adjustment.

Mustang “Dark Horse” for the race track

“The Dark Horse” – at home on the track ©Ford

The sportiest variant is the “Dark Horse” version of the Mustang, which is available for the first time. This version has been specially developed for use on the track and as a base vehicle for future racing events. The technical features include a dual throttle valve intake system for more airflow and higher performance Torsen differential and additional coolers for engine and transmission oil. One electronic drive brake should also make it easier for beginners to cross.

To visually stand out from the standard Mustang, the “dark horse” also got a glossy black radiator grill with trapezoidal nostrils and a redesigned lower bumper with high-gloss spikes from the developers at Ford.

Mustang convertible with soft top

The new Ford Mustang is also available again in a convertible version ©Ford

Also traditional “convertible” called the Mustang Cabriolet, it continues the legacy of its ancestors and offers maximum ground clearance. The fully lined fabric top opens and closes with the push of a button. The compact roof construction in combination with the independent rear suspension enables a remarkable large tribewhich provides space for two golf bags.

Ford has not yet announced prices for the new Mustang. The current generation is only available in Germany in the powerful GT and Mach1 variants with V8 engine and at least 330 kW/449 hp. Their prices start at just under 56,000 euros.

Text: Holger Holzer/SP-X

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