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“Hearing aid becomes audible”

Advertising campaign for a new hearing system in earphone design celebrates the next generation of hearing aids

Especially for younger, prospective hearing aid customers, it combines the most important trends in better hearing with technology: Specially produced by ReSound in a modern earphone design, it impresses with its trendy, custom-made in-ear housing through powerful battery technology, excellent mobile network and excellent sound quality. In line with the new premium product, ReSound is presenting an attractive advertising campaign for the new target group of baby boomers at this year’s EUHA Congress. Hearing aid stores can already order the campaign at https://www.gninside.de/aktion03.

“A little sensation” (BILD TV), “Hearing aid as lifestyle” (BZ), “Advanced medical technology with a custom-made earphone design” (Guter Rat)… – already during IFA, the world’s largest technology fair, which took place for a few weeks ago, took place in Berlin, and the custom-made ReSound hearing aid attracted quite a bit of media attention.

“From now on, we are also offering hearing aid stores a suitable, very attractive campaign to advertise the new system,” says Marina Teigeler, Marketing Director of GN Hearing in the DACH region. “Whether it’s letters to existing customers and printed ads, various online advertising or shop window decorations, the various advertising media can be easily combined and integrated into the individual marketing mix. And they are specially designed for younger hearing aid buyers. Baby boomers-to-be don’t just want personal, smart technology; they also expect a speech that corresponds to their own attitude to life.”

Hearing aid stores can now order the new advertising campaign for Custom made by ReSound in the earphone design at https://www.gninside.de/aktion03. The campaign will also be presented at the 66th International Congress of the European Union of Hearing Specialists (EUHA) from 12 to 14 October in Hanover. You can find ReSound in the GN Hørestand in hall 6 of the exhibition center (stand 401). For press inquiries during the congress, please contact our on-site press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, tel. (0177) 625 88 86, e-mail: martin.schaarschmidt@berlin.de.

You are free to use attached campaign motifs in connection with our report. Caption: Advertising campaign for innovative hearing system Custom Made by ReSound celebrates the next generation of hearing aids (Source: GN Hearing)

Further information and printable images can be found in GN Hearing’s press office at https://www.presseportal.de/nr/112804.

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Editorial note:

Determined as one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands ReSound the innovations in modern hearing systems for a long time. We want more and more people living with hearing loss to hear better and understand properly again. That is why we develop hearing systems that almost create the hearing experience from the natural ear, and which enable hearing aid specialists to significantly improve their customers’ quality of life. ReSound is represented in over 80 countries. We have a large team of competent employees and numerous technology centers. In Germany, ReSound belongs to GN Hearing GmbH, which is based in Münster – see www.resound.com.

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