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  • Design zoom: DS provides insight into the DS 4 rear light design
  • High technology: Laser engraving and laser welding processes ensure the special design and high processing precision
  • Details: Partner Röhm explains the use and processing of the PLEXIGLAS material®

Rüsselsheim, 10 October 2022. The Parisian premium brand DS Automobiles provides insight into one of the design highlights of the DS 4: the rear lights are a piece of jewelry and a high-tech element at the same time. The characteristic scale pattern is created by metallization and laser engraving. The brilliant cover glass made of crystal clear PLEXIGLAS® completes the overall high-quality image, and the glossy black outline ensures a smooth transition between the rear light and the bodywork. Thanks to the injection molding process, the lines of the body are continued in the three-dimensional rear light. Thanks to durable and recyclable plastic, this is as “sustainNoble” as the DS 4 itself.

DS vehicles can be recognized from a distance by their unique light signature. It is an important part of the DS identity and also distinguishes the noble DS 4 from its competitors. Running lights, headlights and taillights are designed spectacularly whether they are on or off. The special rear lights help give the Parisian premium brand’s new technology carrier the appearance of an elegant high-tech vehicle – one of the reasons why the DS 4 won the title of “Most Beautiful Car 2022”.

Eye-catching rear light

The unusual rear light adorns the exterior of the impressive sedan like a sparkling jewel. “The metallized faceted design of our rear lights is inspired by nature, such as the shiny scales of a fish, while at the same time recalling symbols of luxury such as cut diamonds or the famous glass pyramid in front of the Louvre in Paris.” says Nicolas Deluy, Head of Design Lighting & Exterior Design Components DS Automobiles.

A special feature distinguishes the rear lights on the DS 4 from those on the other DS models: for the first time, the cover is not flat here, but modeled as a sculpture. “It takes up the dynamic lines and proportions of the avant-garde exterior design and becomes part of the body,” Deluy describes. Such three-dimensional and voluminous components can be produced thanks to PLEXIGLAS® injection molding compound.

High-quality materials and high-tech processing for an emotional design

The shine of the rear light highlights the lighting design perfectly. A crystal-clear PLEXIGLAS is used for this® molding compound, framed by a glossy black outline made of PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss 8N black. This interplay completes the overall high-quality image of the rear light. “With its photometric and aesthetic properties, our branded product enables PMMA1 emotional product design. The taillight on the DS 4 is a particularly good example of this,” says Siamak Djafarian, Head of Division Molding Compounds at Röhm GmbH.

For the rear light on the DS 4, the supplier Marelli also connected the cover to the housing using a laser welding process. Given the complexity of the component, manufacturing the welding ribs was extremely challenging, especially on the narrow side, says Arnaud Mouchon, Head of Research and Development at Marelli Automotive Lighting. “With other methods such as vibration welding, we would not have been able to work precisely enough here,” explains Mouchon. Laser welding can be used to minimize the distance between the rear light and the body. “Obviously, you need plastic that is permeable to laser beams,” says Mouchon. The PLEXIGLAS used meets this requirement® (Hi Gloss 8N black 90114). The high-gloss black contour of this molding compound elegantly hides the welding seam and ensures a smooth transition.

“SustaiNoble’s” lighting design

The motif “SutaiNobility” initiated by DS comes into effect in DS 4: DS 4 is designed with a focus on sustainability (“Sutainability”) without compromising on quality and nobility (“Nobility”). For example, the DS 4 is made from 95 percent recyclable materials, and 30 percent of its weight comes from renewable or recycled metals and plastics.

“PLEXIGLASES too® contributes to resource-saving car design because it is sustainable by design“, says Sven Schröbel, Head of Global Sustainability Management in the business line Molding Compounds at Röhm GmbH. The brand PMMA1 from Röhm is a high-quality, durable and recyclable plastic. Because it is permanently UV and weather resistant, its functional and aesthetic properties are maintained throughout the life of the car. This lifetime is particularly relevant for lamp covers. The permanent transparency and light transmission of colorless PLEXIGLAS® Molding compounds not only ensure good visibility of the light signals, but also reduce the LEDs’ energy consumption.

1 PMMA stands for polymethyl methacrylate and is one of the special types of plastic. Röhm GmbH gave the material the brand name PLEXIGLAS after it was invented®.

Röhm GmbH is currently communicating in its own campaign about the rear lights of the DS 4, focusing on the use of its own material PLEXIGLAS®. The content with additional technical details can be found here: With PLEXIGLAS® Molded composition transforms the rear light of the DS 4 into a jewel of lasting beauty – Röhm (


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