“The Summer House of the Stars”: This couple wins in the finale

“The Summer House of the Stars”
This pair wins in the final

Did Patrick and Antonia have the best laugh last time?

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Can Antonia and Patrick be the only couple from the start to win “The Summer House of the Stars”?

Last day in “Stjernernes Sommerhus” (Sun. 20.15 on RTL, also on RTL+). But before the semi-finals and the final, there is still the “final of the original couples” (quote Patrick Romer, 26): the Exit challenge, where Cosimo Citiolo (40) and Nathalie Gaus (31) against Patrick and Antonia Hemmer (22) fight for a place among the last three pairs.

The game is the same as the exit challenge between Stephen (48) and Katharina Dürr (39) as well as Kader Loth (49) and Ismet Atli (51), what felt like an eternity ago: playing catch through a parkour full of mud and locked garden gates. The favorites Patrick and Antonia clearly win in two rounds.

Couples tear each other apart out of boredom

Cosimo, who wanted to quit in the penultimate episode, is now finally out. He will not look for faults. “Actually, you’re already a flawed person when you’re born,” philosophizes the fan favorite. Unlike most other couples in the “Summer House” story, he sees himself as a winner. Because the love between him and Nathalie has become stronger here instead of weaker, he says.

The three remaining couples do not have that impression. Simply out of boredom, they get on each other’s nerves in the now almost empty summer house. Christina Grass (34) and Marco Cerullo (33) playfully stress each other out. And the duo Diogo Sangre (27) and Vanessa Mariposa (29), who have been so harmonious so far, argue about whether Vanessa is in such a bad mood because she has her days or just because. And Patrick complains, as always, about his allegedly not motivated enough Antonia.

Catching up is not enough in the semi-finals

Then comes the end: the semi-finals are approaching. Teams must use their fingers to fumble eggs along a lattice fence. The problem: The couples are each in a large jacket, each with only one hand available. Patrick holds back on his relationship with nagging and reprimanding. Therefore, the married couple “Bauer sucht Frau” are clearly in the lead.

The other couples, on the other hand, constantly snap at each other, as Patrick usually does with Antonia – except that both parties argue with them. But then Christina and Marco get down to business and approach the leaders. Suddenly, Vanessa and Diogo get hold of it and start a strong race to catch up. But that is not enough. You can only get 14 eggs to the finish without mishap, the other couples manage 15 each. So the last couple who moved into the cottage is out.

The grand final: Established vs. lags behind

So it comes down to the epic finale between Antonia/Patrick and Christina/Marco – the couple in the first hour against the stragglers. Patrick tries one last time to bite his girlfriend. But he has not yet been able to implement Mario Basler’s (53) advice to bring his girlfriend along. It’s only his fault. Instead of motivating Antonia positively, he just put her down. “Le Maschine” Patrick’s advice for the finale: “Just think what Patrick would do now”.

At least Antonia clearly steps on the gas in the finale. The pairs have to shovel sand out of a giant sack. Puzzle pieces with the couples’ faces await under the heavy container. They must arrange them correctly on a wall. Both pairs shovel the sand away at about the same speed. Marco and Christina are first on the picture wall. But then they suddenly poison each other and lose concentration. Patrick and Antonia catch up – and win. The favorites from the first hour actually made it. Although he had the brake pad on Antonia’s leg, Patrick will now think.

The couple’s final move in the finale is symbolic of their relationship throughout the season: to place the puzzle pieces in the top row, Patrick climbs onto the back of Antonia, who is squatting on the floor.


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