Soon enough room for the children?

Greifswald. There is good news for parents in Greifswald: the situation in daycare centers has eased thanks to the creation of new daycare centers and nursery places. At the end of September, there are 89 free places in the nurseries and 222 free places in the kindergartens in the Hanseatic city, as disclosed by the Vorpommern-Greifswald district at the OZ request. Only in post-secondary education are there currently no available capacities.

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But: “Based on past years’ experience, the number of looked after children from August to October/November is always lower than in the other months, as many children leave kindergarten or after-school,” explains the district’s spokeswoman Anke Radlof.

An additional 150 places thanks to the new “Rosengarten” daycare center

In addition, new buildings and extensions must create additional capacities in the future. With the construction of a facility for the parish of John (Kemnitzer Wende), for example, 60 kindergartens and 18 nursery places will be created in the near future.

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The new construction of the “Regenbogen” daycare center is currently high on the priority list for the city’s own “Hansekinder” company. A further 153 children must have a place here. The house must be demolished. As a temporary solution, the old building of the “Zwergenland” daycare center will be put into use from the summer of 2024. The administration is currently in dialogue with the district youth office about expanding the “Lütt Matten” daycare center (30 new places).

“There’s a lot going on,” says Yvonne Görs (TV), chairman of the district’s youth welfare committee: “The daycare center ‘Kinderladen’ is nearing completion. A daycare center is being planned in B-Plan 13 (north of Elisenpark, editor’s note), and the day care center ‘Rosengarten’ is under renovation. The Sunshine campaign has created a facility in Hinrichshagen with an intergenerational concept. The renovated buildings owned by Greifswald are also a step forward for Greifswald.”

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The current situation with after-school places is more explosive

With all the optimism, however, another important point should not be neglected, says Görs. “We also have to see how we can help ourselves with daycare workers. This is a difficult topic at the moment because of the financial aspect. Due to the lack of skilled labor, many day care providers have also migrated to freelancers. In Greifswald, it may not be quite so acute. But there could also be more here.”

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Antje Wziontek-Franz, head of “Hansekinder”, also confirms that the situation in the nursery and day care field is currently not as tense as it was a few years ago. However, one cannot talk about excess capacity. “We have houses that are visited a lot and houses where we still have room to breathe. Facilities such as ‘Little Explorers’ or the new daycare centers such as ‘Zwergenland’ and ‘Thousand Colors’ are very busy. There are always places available in the day care center ‘Lilo Herrmann’.”

However, this does not apply to the after-school area, explains Wziontek-Franz. “There is much more explosiveness. It is no problem to look after the children from first to third grade. For children from fourth grade, however, it is only possible if we have free capacity.”

Accommodating children from 1st to 3rd grade in the secondary school is currently no problem, says Antje Wziontek-Franz, head of “Hanse-Kinder”. It is different for the fourth graders.

Primary school children will soon be entitled to full-day care

This year, for example, not all fourth-graders could be cared for in “Eventyrland”, the operations manager further explains: “We had many discussions with parents and youth services. We have managed to accommodate the children for whom the educators also saw an urgent need for care But when I think about the Krull after-schools next year, when even more 1st graders start school, there is no longer capacity there for 4th graders.” All the 264 after-school places in the Krull after-school care center have already been taken.

One thing is certain: free capacity must be created. Because in August 2029, every primary school child must have the right to full-day care. From 2026, the right applies to 1st graders, followed a year later by 2nd graders and again a year later by 3rd graders. From August 2029, fourth-graders at municipal elementary schools must also have an after-school place if the families want it.

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After-school places for 312 children at the new school centre

In the Nexö school, the need could be met thanks to an expansion last year. While the children in 1st to 3rd grade are looked after in the after-school “Kunterbunt”, the 4th graders go to the after-school “Klub 4”.

With the completion of the school center at Ellernholzteich, full-day care for 312 children was also to be created. However, the administration sees a need to create even more free capacities in the coming years with a view to the right to care for after-school children.

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