Earn up to 147% interest on Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin with this risk-free crypto strategy

The ideal investment generates generous returns without exposing you to high risk. All the better if you don’t have to sit in front of a screen for hours to pay attention to your investment. Ideally, the investments will even deliver returns regardless of market volatility – reliably and consistently.

An example of such an investment is ArbiSmart, a fully automated arbitrage system that performs automated crypto arbitrage to generate passive profits from up to 147% per year to obtain.

Behind the project stands RBIS, ArbiSmart’s in-house token, an EU-approved project. ArbiSmart is causing a lot of excitement at the moment because even while other cryptos are going down, the value of RBIS continues to rise. In the last month, the price has already risen over 300%, with analysts even calling it an increase 30 times the current value by the end of 2022 Forecast.

How does it work?

ArbiSmart generated by his arbitrage program Benefit from temporary price differences between cryptos on different crypto exchanges. These are short periods when a coin is available at different prices at the same time. These price differences can arise for all sorts of reasons, such as differences in liquidity or trading volume between major and minor crypto exchanges. They occur with the same regularity regardless of which direction the market is moving.

The ArbiSmart system is inside 35 crypto exchanges integrated where it tracks hundreds of crypto assets 24/7. When the algorithm detects a price difference between crypto exchanges, it automatically buys the asset at the lowest offered price and then immediately sells it at the highest price. This is how the arbitrage algorithm automatically scores a take advantage of the difference, before the option disappears. The whole process takes only a fraction of a second and the algorithm can do it in that short time execute multiple crypto arbitrage trades at once. Considerable profits can be made this way.

The ArbiSmart Crypto Arbitrage feature.

What are the benefits?

The main advantage of the arbitrage feature is that it provides great protection against falling prices and provides consistent returns whether we are in a bull or bear market.

One strategy when the market is down is to simply hoard your cryptocurrencies and leave them unused – also known as “hodling”. It is hoped that the market will recover. Another method is to venture into the high-risk world of swing trading and try to predict short-term price movements to make a profit. ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage service combines both strategies to offer you the best of all worlds.

Your cryptocurrencies are kept safe while generating risk-free high returns. ArbiSmart offers benefits through its features that are unmatched in the industry. The exact amount you can earn will through your account level definitely. The levels are divided into beginner, intermediate, expert and elite. At higher levels, you even get compound interest on your winnings. The higher your account level, the higher percentage return you can get on your investment.

Profit while you sleep with ArbiSmart’s interest-bearing crypto wallet.

Because the system is fully automaticyou don’t have to do anything yourself and there is that too no prior knowledge required. Once you create your account, the algorithm does the work and provides predictable, passive profits that can be calculated in advance.

What are you going to do?

To start earning profits, you must first register and then purchase at least 1000 RBIS to unlock the service. This will increase your account level to starting level 1. RBIS tokens can be purchased with just a few clicks from the RBIS dashboard or on a crypto exchange.

ArbiSmart Dashboard.

After that you can Balances in one of the 25 supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies of the arbitrage service. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, ApeCoin, Euro, US Dollar and British Pound. The more RBIS you own, the higher your account level, which means a better APR on your account balance in all supported currencies.

Next, choose how long you want the funds locked up so the program can perform crypto arbitrage on your behalf. Plans can vary from short periods of one month or three months to longer periods of two, three or five years. The longer you keep your money tied up in an investment plan, the higher are your winnings.

The way you receive your daily winnings also affects your bottom line. You can have your earnings transferred to a separate balance, from which you can withdraw at any time. Alternatively, to get a better return, along with the first deposit, you can have all returns added to the original investment balance. But there is an even more profitable option that allows for the highest profit. This is done by having the daily gains paid out in RBIS and not in the currency of the investment plan. These are then blocked for as long as the initial balance of the investment plan.

So the last step is just to decide on the deposit amount and then you are done. Your investment will then generate a daily profit for you throughout the duration of the plan. After that, your credit will be freely available again and you can choose a new plan.

How can you increase your profit even more?

If you buy more RBIS, you benefit from a higher account level and the associated higher interest on your other balances such as Bitcoin or Euros. Although you can choose from a wide range of investment plans in any supported currency, but your balance in RBIS decides the percentage interest earned from crypto arbitrage.

Owning RBIS not only rewards higher returns from crypto arbitrage, but also offers potentially large capital gains through RBIS itself if the token’s price rises. In the last month alone, the purchase price for RBIS was increased by 300%while other coins struggled to at least maintain their respective values.

Why demand for RBIS exceeds supply

As more RBIS are locked into investment plans and thus withdrawn from general circulation, demand increases the already limited supply. Because the total amount of RBIS tokens that will ever be created or available is forever to 450 million RBIS limited. This means that there will never be more tokens. The price can therefore skyrocket due to the steadily decreasing supply in connection with the increasing demand.

Another factor driving token demand and ensuring new profits for RBIS owners is the many new features that will be added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem at the end of this year and at the beginning of next year. To use one or more functions, possession of RBIS is required.

New services coming to ArbiSmart very soon include an NFT marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens, an ArbiSmart NFT collection and a unique DeFi protocol with innovative gamification features. The protocol is a first on the market and will allow dividend farmers to borrow capital and provide liquidity in return up to 190,000% APY plus 0.3% the fees from any trade. At the same time, dividend farmers who own ArbiSmart NFTs continue to increase their profits.

In early 2023, ArbiSmart will also launch a play-to-earn metaverse where participants can buy, sell and develop virtual properties. A professional EU-approved and registered crypto exchange is also in the works.

Users of these new RBIS features will be able to earn profits from play-to-earn games, provide liquidity, invest in NFTs and trade cryptocurrencies. These many services will increase the utility and thus the demand for RBIS tokens, then increase demand and ultimately create higher and higher capital gains for RBIS owners.

ArbiSmart relies on synergy between the platform’s many functions.

All these services are interconnected, further increasing the benefits for RBIS owners across the ArbiSmart ecosystem. This is intended to further increase token usage on demand. For example, when exchanging currency on the ArbiSmart crypto exchange, the trader will receive a trading fee discount if paying with RBIS, and an ArbiSmart NFT will serve to increase a liquidity provider’s rating (score), which will increase its APY. You can also benefit from crypto arbitrage profits and returns from other RBIS services the rising token price obtain.

The ArbiSmart project is currently offering a promotion valid for the next 72 hours after the publication of this article. Everyone who registers during this period gets 1,000 RBIS tokens for free and thus account status at the first level. This means you can start earning interest right away. Don’t miss this promotion and open your account today!

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