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FIFA, in collaboration with Algorand, is launching the FIFA+ Collect NFT platform just in time for the upcoming football World Cup in the winter. It is intended to offer all football fans and enthusiastic NFT collectors a new NFT collection and make trading possible. But what exactly should the platform look like? How is NFT trading going there? What is possible there and what is not possible?

What are NFT platforms for?

In general, the platforms allow all NFT holders to trade. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be bought and sold there. Individual platforms also offer their own collections, which are then only available on this site, such as FIFA. Some well-known examples of existing NFT platforms are OpenSea, NFT LaunchPad and Binance. Smart contracts allow users to buy and sell securely, even with OpenSea. This trading platform offers various non-fungible tokens from the fields of art, music, games and domain names are also available there. Originally, this platform was launched specifically for the CryptoKitties collection, but now you can find all kinds of NFTs there. NFT LaunchPad is a fast, secure and easy way to transact, making this platform a good choice for beginners. In addition, it is not even possible to register there, which further simplifies its use. The NFT trading platform Binance is also beginner-friendly and caters mostly to art lovers. There are also regular auctions there.

These examples show that various NFT platforms already exist. Some are more suited to a specific target audience, such as art collectors, than others. The FIFA NFT platform also caters to two specific audiences: on the one hand, football fans who want to have something of the event in a lasting way, and on the other hand, seasoned NFT collectors who are looking for something new to add. to their collection.

FIFA’s NFT platform

Like some other NFT platforms, FIFA not only offers trading of NFTs but also has its own collection. The non-fungible tokens in this collection are intended to reflect special moments from the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Additionally, popular FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup images and artwork can be purchased there with cryptocurrencies. The platform is said to be open to all football and NFT enthusiasts, so the platform is not very expensive to use. Access is achieved through various end devices such as computers or mobile phones, and the available languages ​​are English, French and Spanish.

The NFT platform was created in collaboration with the proof-of-stake cryptocurrency model Algorand. Algorand was named the official blockchain of the FIFA platform back in June. It is already used by over 2000 organizations. The blockchain works CO2-neutral, and the proof-of-stake procedure makes it possible to determine which user is allowed to add the next block to the chain. Here, the principle is randomly used, which, however, takes more account of active users. If the duration of participation and prosperity is higher, there is a greater chance that these users will be selected at random. Algorand also brings its own cryptocurrency called ALGO that can be used to pay in the NFT market. But there is also the possibility of payment with other methods or currencies, which gives access to an even larger group and makes handling easier.

Comparison with NFT platform for basketball

The FIFA trading platform is very similar to the principle of the NBA Top Shots platform. Digital trading cards of professional basketball players are traded on this NFT marketplace. The non-fungible tokens represent special moments in the game or the player. That’s pretty much what FIFA+ Collect wants to enable for the World Cup. The NFT series will be created by BIB Meta, a metaverse ecosystem. By launching an NFT collection commemorating the World Cup, it will pave the way for the introduction of Meta-Fi. The non-fungible tokens with the game moments can then be bought, sold and minted on the platform.

According to the BIB Meta Whitepaper, users can also buy NFTs that represent a real player. In different ways, you can then let them compete against each other and even earn money. Some of the players come from FIFA Ultimate Team as well as the games Magic: The Gathering and Fantasy Sport. Last but not the least, the BIB Meta World Cup 2022 NFT Series also provides an opportunity to connect with the favorite footballers through direct communication channels and a global community. You can also access exclusive online and offline events.


FIFA+ Collect offers a great new way to rekindle interest in NFTs. The non-fungible tokens that can be traded there are not only for NFT lovers but also for football fans. The special game moments depicted on NFTs allow fans to relive them over and over again. In addition, you can earn extra profits with the players’ digital trading cards. So there is something for everyone, and the football World Cup in winter can also be a special experience in the long term.

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