Game design – the overlooked stepchild of the Swiss creative economy


Game developer Philomena Schwab is interested in many things.

Too much gaming makes you stupid – it’s a cliché that haunts many people’s minds. The proof to the contrary is Philomena Schwab. Five years ago, the most famous game developer in Switzerland was on the exclusive list of young exceptional personalities “30 under 30” by the business magazine “Forbes”, learned everything about evolutionary biology and genetics that she could get her hands on, also learned Japanese and would have her mother buy a house in the country. We reported on it.

Two weeks ago, the now 32-year-old game developer and her company Stray Fawn Studio launched her latest game «The Wandering Village». It is a great success: it was already sold almost 140,000 times within the first three weeks – and it is only a so-called “Early Access” version, that is, a kind of early version of the game that is not fully developed for them. that cannot wait. Schwab, whom we meet in her studio or office on a busy street in Zurich, expects at least twice as many sales when the fully developed game hits the market. For those not familiar with the Swiss gaming industry: these are very staggering numbers that have already cashed in the game’s development costs of around 1.5 million CHF so far.

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