These 10 things should not be missing in a happy relationship

You need these 10 things for a happy relationship

1. Good communication even in a dispute

The existing communication between us humans is an important basis in any kind of interpersonal relationship. But there is a big difference just existing and really works. Good communication between couples includes to be able to talk about everything and to be able to argue properly in case of disagreements or major conflicts. Of course, everyone handles conflict differently. It is only important that your partner has the same approach as you and each other on a frequency can discuss and speak.

2. Support, strengthen and respond to each other

Be there for the other Sounds simple and obvious at first, but it often becomes a problem in long-term relationships. At the same time, the feeling of Love, understanding, affirmation, contentment, support and support so important and you should be able to trust it! This also includes saying “I love you” to the other person out of the blue in everyday life, being able to get involved with him and make compromises.

3. cave partner or partner don’t take it for granted

Appreciation of the other person is a must in any relationship and also has something to do with respect as there can be no satisfaction without appreciation. The other must have the feeling to be loved and be satisfied with your partner. That’s why it’s important to make time for the other person, to show interest and give your partner the attention and affirmation he or she needs.

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4. Putting the well-being of others before your own

Probably the greatest evidence of love is the well-being of the other ahead of his own needs to deliver. However, this only works when both do itthen an employment relationship on balanced gives and Ntake based. On the other hand, it requires a lot of trust.

5. There is a “we” and an “I”

Of course it’s nice all with his partner or his partner to be able to do and all the time talking in “we”, but your personal happiness does not depend only on the other. Here is the relationship between distance and proximity the difference. Of course it’s important to be there for each other, you’re a team after all, but everyone has to his own life and its own everyday life. Freedom and personal interests are just as important as partner activities and commonalities in a happy and satisfied relationship.

6. Influence of each other

At first, influencing yourself sounds like a bad influence and a purposeful change in your partner. We don’t mean it that way, on the contrary! When couples spend a lot of time together, they get to know each other so well that they… inspiring qualities, clothing styles and other things copy what impresses them on the other person. This also unlocks the mystery of why couples age in relationships becomes more and more the same.

7. Being able to laugh together

laughter does Ghappy and is important in any interpersonal relationship. Therefore, it helps if you share the same sense of humor or like to make the other person laugh a lot. This makes you feel more comfortable and secure in a partnership.

8. A satisfactory physical relationship

Not only must things go well between you on the emotional level, that too physical chemistry must be correct. Not everything has to be perfect and simple right from the start, after all everyone prefers something different. However, it is important that both are satisfied and the relationship gives space to talk about problems, things and wishes. Here, too, the other person must have trust – especially when it comes to physical closeness and tender touches!

9. Be friends at the same time

You don’t always have to hold hands and throw at each other! It is also important in a happy relationship with the other to be able to speak politely and not having to hide anything. It means having your best friend and partner rolled into one.

10. The relationship with oneself

Perhaps this point should have been made first, but your partnership certainly cannot go well if relationship with yourself not going well. What is certain is that you will follow yourself for the rest of your life – and it is much nicer if you like yourself too. So it is better not to enter into a relationship before you are aware of your self-worth.

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