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Theater for the little ones in the water tower

Children from the age of three can have their first theater experience in Lank over the next few weeks. There are a number of classics and new stories to experience between now and Christmas.

With “Riesling und Zwerglinde” a new series began in September in the Forum Wasserturm, bringing classic and unknown pieces of children’s theater to Meerbusch until Christmas. The collaboration between the team at the cultural center and children’s theater actor Christian Schweiger resulted in a total of five performances for young theater fans.

These should also introduce children to the cultural asset of going to the theatre. The plays are shown on Sundays at 3 p.m. Tickets are available at the advance sale price of 6.60 euros in all Meerbusch bookstores or in the cultural administration of the city of Meerbusch on telephone number 02159 916251. In the box office, which opens half an hour before the performance begins, tickets are available for seven euros. There are two (closed) performances for kindergartens and primary schools on Tuesday 22 November at 9 and 11. The soap bubble puppet theater from Meerbusch plays “Frau Holle”.

The following plays can be visited by young and old culture lovers until Christmas:

“Of the Fish(s) and His Wife” On Sunday 23 October, the old story based on a template by the Brothers Grimm will be performed with many songs for viewers aged four and over. The story of Ilsebill and her fisherman, who gets one wish after another fulfilled and then ends up with almost nothing in their hands, has been known to young and old for many generations. But who knows that the fish also has a beautiful wife with whom he roams the expanses of the sea contentedly and happily? And because it’s not every day you meet a fisherman who has already hooked you and then gives you life again, the two of course want to thank the fisherman. But the richer and more magnificent the life above the water surface becomes, the poorer and colder the life under water becomes. How fortunate that fairy tales always have a happy ending. Katharina Speckmann directs this fairytale adaptation, Ralf Kiehöfer plays the puppets.

“Sleeping Beauty” for clowns On November 20th, the “Kreuz und Quer” theater from Duisburg will present a clown theater piece loosely based on Grimm’s fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The story tells about the clowns Gebrr and Grimm, who would rather stumble through an adventure with all kinds of chaos than do the spring cleaning that was actually planned. In the end, the princess kisses her prince anyway. The play is written by Rainer Besel, who also stars with Ester Krause-Paulus, while Thos Renneberg directs the play, which lasts about 50 minutes.

“Rosa Luise and the missing Christmas packages” The children’s theater series ends on Christmas Eve at 10 and 12 with the soap bubble puppet theater from Meerbusch. The story also takes place on Christmas Eve, a busy day at the post office in Güllenburg – where all the town’s Christmas packages disappear in the chaos. The postman and his little pig Rosa Luise go on a quest to save everyone’s party – and what they find is not what they expected. The turbulent Christmas thriller is played with people, table figures and hand puppets, there are also musical interludes. The play is suitable for children aged three and over and lasts 45 minutes. The music is directed by Elke Schmidt and comes from Peter Dirkmann. It is played by Christian Schweiger.

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