Nürnberger Land: Stress in Corona times

The “Sorgenhilfee” project was created to support children and young people who suffer from mental stress or who already have a mental illness. As the district office of Nürnberger Land reports, the offer is free. It is a donation-based joint project of the district youth office, the Nuremberg Land Caritas Association, the school authority and the health region plus. The project was therefore initiated by Alexander Wexler.

From the project initiator Alexander Wexler’s concern to offer children and young people easy, quick help and support due to the consequences of the pandemic, the “Sorgenhilfee” project has now been created as a supplement to the existing “Nachhilfee” project. The psychological stress of many children and young people increased extremely during the Corona period and the associated need for help and support. The search for a therapy place is often associated with long waiting times. “Sorgenhilfe” bridges the gap over time (up to 6 months) until children and young people get a place in therapy.

As a result, the bridge help places are provided directly in the school by the school psychologists and youth social workers as well as the general social service at the youth office in Nuremberg. The school psychologists and youth social workers on site in particular have a good insight into the situation at the individual schools and can quickly identify and pass on the needs of children and young people. Schoolchildren and their parents would then be referred directly and unbureaucratically to the free places, which, according to the Landratsamt, were set up by the partner mentalis GmbH as well as local therapists and the Nürnberger Land education and youth counseling center. The project officially started in July in primary and secondary schools and is now being extended to secondary schools in the Nürnberger Land district due to demand. Currently, a total of about 30 to 40 students aged 6 to 21 can be cared for.

The affected persons are cared for psychologically by them depending on their age. Children ages 6 to 13 will receive treatment from local therapists, subject to space availability. This will usually take place in uncomplicated presence. In addition, they have access to the offer of bridging advice via the Nürnberger Land education and youth counseling center. They also work with trained psychologists with various higher educations.

According to the district office, young people from the age of 13 are looked after by the partner mentalis GmbH. Here, too, only trained psychologists are used. The collaboration takes place through weekly tele-coaching. Parent meetings are possible every 4 weeks, as far as it makes sense. The integration of an innovative app is also being considered at a later date.

No prior medical treatment or an existing therapeutic relationship is necessary for mediation of individual cases. The assessment is carried out exclusively by the specialists on site. After being awarded a bridging offer, the custodial parents could report to the relevant office at their own risk. Parental consent is generally required for this measure.

The “Sorgenhilfee” project works on a donation basis. Anyone who wants to support the project financially can donate via the Caritas Association in the district Nürnberger Land eV (purpose of the donation: “Sorgenhilfee”, donation account: IBAN DE42 7605 0101 0240 1156 00).

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