CD presentation in Gunzesried: Allgäu children sing old children’s songs – news from Immenstadt

Musician Andrea Lerpscher collected old children’s songs from the Allgäu, documented them in notebooks and recorded them on a CD with her students.

A little rabbit sometimes lacks vision. Fortunately, it is different with people. That is why we smile at the little “Struppelhas” who is looking for his “Schwänzle”, although he always has “just dean kluine Stutzel” there. The children’s song from Ostrachtal, written by Eugenie Scholl-Rohrmoser and provided with a melody by Karl Hafner, is one of 22 pieces from Allgaeuwhich Andrea Lerpscher archived in notebooks and sang and played on CD with 30 children from all over the Allgäu.

The idea arises in class

She got the idea for the project “Heimat – Children make music and sing” in class, says the singer and accordion player, who Waltenhofen lives and teaches at the presentation of the new sound carrier in the family hotel Allgäuer Berghof at an altitude of 1200 meters between Gunzesried and Ofterschwang. The house offers a fantastic view, provided the clouds don’t obscure the panorama, and it offers many opportunities for the children to change things. Andrea Lerpscher emphasizes that they must also be the focal point of this CD presentation.

An Ostrach Valley duo

The young actors therefore also present a few samples from the CD in ever-new compositions, such as the song “Luschtig, luschtig”, also by the Ostrachtal duo Eugenie Scholl-Rohrmoser and Karl Hafner, or the Alemannic folk tune “Hoppadrihopp – Drei Nut je sack “. Andrea Lerpscher arranged them all, on the one hand in treble clef for all C-tuned instruments, on the other hand in tablature for the Styrian harmonica. Both are available as sheet music for the CD.

Playable versions set up for children

Many of the traditional children’s songs were written down in Tyrol, says Andrea Lerpscher, but only very few in the Allgäu. That’s why she used the lockdown during the corona pandemic to dig for such songs, secure the sources and create playable versions for the children. Andrea Lerpscher has supplemented the CD and sheet music with her own pieces in traditional style.

70 grade books for elementary schools

The Oberallgäu District Administrator Indra Baier-Muller supports the project. 70 music books will be distributed to the primary schools, she said at the presentation. The event reminded her of her own childhood, when she especially loved the Struppelhas song. It is important to keep such songs for the future. The cultivation of the dialect and its regional differences is a piece of cultural heritage, said Member of Parliament Leopold Herz. He tries to pass on the feeling of it to future generations. Barbara Holzmann, deputy chairman of the Bavarian District Council, pointed out how important it is to secure traditional cultural values ​​and how this task is supported by the People’s Advice Center in Krumbach.

Many followers

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Andrea Lerpscher thanked the many supporters of the project, including Daniel Hartmann of the Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt, who provided important help. At the end of the nearly three-hour presentation, the organizer introduced the young musicians individually. It’s important to recognize and promote youth talent beyond their school performance, Lerpscher said. District administrator Indra Baier-Müller, for example, was amazed during the lectures about the young bassist Johannes Bietsch’s performance: “Are you playing all that by heart?” she asked him. “Yes,” he answered as if it came naturally.

The CD “Heimat – Children make music and sing” costs 21 euros. It is available in the media shop of the Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt in Immenstadt, telephone 08323/802-150.

The musician Andrea Lerpscher.

The family hotel Allgäuer Berghof.

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