Bürstner Lineo Electric / Bürstner Individual (2023)

Bürstner Lineo Electric / Individual Camper (2023)
E-campers and smart special bus series

Caravan Salon 2023

Bürstner’s special buses: An electric camping bus on the Ford E-Transit is so far only a study. The individual design line can already be ordered.

Electromobility and design – this seems to be the motto of two innovations presented by Bürstner. For the first time, the manufacturer shows a design for a caravan with electric motors. A design line should appeal to anyone who appreciates style.

Bürstner Lineo Electric: Electrical study

The Bürstner Lineo C 590 camper van based on the Ford only celebrated its premiere in early 2022. Its floor plan now serves as the basis for the Lineo Electric study vehicle.


E-transit sucks its juice or electricity through the nose of the vehicle.

First things first: Range of the electric line is 317 kilometers. At first glance, it sounds quite reasonable. However, Bürstner admits: Various factors can influence this figure. This includes weather conditions, driving style, route profile and battery age and condition. So far, there is no WLTP value for the vehicle, that is, a value that has been officially tested.

that loading time states Bürstner with 8 hours. This is how long it will take for Lineo Electric to charge from 0 to 100 percent of its capacity.

Three driving modes E-Transit provides: daily driving, driving in wet and slippery conditions and last but not least an eco mode which is supposed to be particularly efficient. With this, the electric camper had to be particularly resource-friendly and economical on the road.

Burstner Lineo Electric (2023)


The extension of the electric study vehicle is very practical based on the new transit camper from Bürstner, two-person Lineo C590 van.

For the chairman of Bürstner’s board, Jens Kromer, the Lineo Electric study car is a clear one Commitment to electromobility. However, he admits: “The speed of development depends primarily on the expansion of the charging infrastructure and the adaptation of our production processes to vehicles with battery packs.”

Lineo Electric is not the first alternative drive from the company. As early as 2021, Bürstner will present the Eliseo natural gas, a local emission-free study vehicle. However, it will still be some time before a Bürstner vehicle with a new drive concept is ready for series production and can be ordered.

Bürstner Individual: Unique campers

Customers will not have to wait much longer for this new camper van. With the new “Individual” brand, Bürstner wants to attract everyone who likes unique vehicles and wants to make the exterior of their new caravan their very own.

Bürstner Individual Copa C500 (2023) blue gold


who likes it The color combination of gold and blue is unusual and will definitely find fans. Bürstner buses such as the Copa C500 can now be designed individually.

The Bürstner camper vans can be assembled directly from the factory individualize. When ordering, buyers can choose different products for this: for example, special foiling, individual lettering, aluminum rims or a radiator grille. Bürstner wants to implement almost all customer wishes here, if possible.

The main advantage of this is that the vehicle is customized directly by the manufacturer and is therefore available from the factory a guarantee Therefore. According to Bürstner, high-quality materials have been used for the design.


The future at Bürstner looks smart and electric: the Lineo Electric may not yet be ready for series production, but the mass producer is signaling a certain willingness to convert to e-mobility.

The individual design line for conventional combustion buses seems to be at the top – at least these models are not the only ones that appreciate a beautiful design. There were already several smart design mobile homes to be discovered at the Caravan Salon 2022.

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