Bitcoin with bullish signals: is the rally coming at the end of the year?

Bitcoin has broken the psychologically significant $20,000 barrier. Is this a positive sign for the future or is the worst yet to come? Read what top analysts have to say about it.

Is bitcoin on the rise or is the worst yet to come?


Bitcoin has demonstrated strength for days: The number 1 cryptocurrency was able to move beyond the psychologically significant $20,000 mark and held there, except for a brief setback. It sets the course. A further correction cannot be ruled out. However, many industry observers are already showing hesitant optimism: Can the crypto markets recover and start a bull run in the next few weeks? A renowned analyst has now commented on this and outlined how things will continue for digital assets like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: is it the worst yet?

The bad news first: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Altcoins are not out of the woods yet. Chart experts even consider Bitcoin to be able to fall into the lower five-figure price range.

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