The 7 best dice games for kids

We list the most popular dice games for kids and have looked at the best classic dice games for you and selected recommended ones. We have put together recommendations, cheap and discounted prices and recently released dice games. Our purchase advice is a decision aid to help you make the right choice. (updated 10/2022)

We have collected a recommendation from the most popular products: We have inquired about some of the products in our Netpapa community.

Our editorial tips for the dice games for kids 2022

Our editorial tip includes this popular dice game for kids

Best rated #1

Sorfia Wooden Toys Magic Cube Building Blocks Creative Wooden Cubes...
Sorfia Wooden Toys Magic Cube Building Blocks Creative Wooden Cubes… *

  • 【Wooden Toys】A total of 16 blocks, 4 sets of emoji and 64 pattern cards, suitable for 1-4 people to play games at the same time, these cute face shapes attract attention…
  • 【Educational Toys】Suitable for children over 3 years old, face-changing cube building block matching game can stimulate children’s imagination, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, …

Recommended dice game for children

This Selection of dice games for children recommended by our editors, we have sorted them by popularity and timeliness. The products listed here have given high customer satisfaction among other buyers and have attracted attention through the number of purchases and positive reviews.

Best rated #1

Close the box dice game, four sided flop, dice table and 2...
Close the box dice game, 4 sided flop, dice board & 2… *

  • 🎲 The board game is made of natural wood, the surface is smooth and not thorny, healthy and durable. Game board Size: Length: 22.5 cm Width: 22.5 cm Height: 3 cm Up to 4 players…
  • 🎲 Through arithmetic games, children playfully learn to add and subtract, skilfully add, solve, combine numbers on dice: girls and boys from 8 years train…
Best rated as #2

Moses.  Verlag GmbH 16134 My crawling beetle favorite Ludo |  first...
Moses. Verlag GmbH 16134 My crawling beetle favorite Ludo | First… *

  • Ludo for the little ones ✓ With loving illustrations and a kid-friendly feel, this version of the classic game is perfect for children aged three and up
  • Into the house with the luck of the dice ✓ It is not the well-known numbers that determine how far the characters must run, but rather the beautifully illustrated symbols
Best rated as #3

Schmidt Spiele 49189 children's games classics, children's games collection,...
Schmidt Spiele 49189 Classic children’s games, collection of children’s games,… *

  • Collected here is a lot that has status and reputation among big and small game fans: The set contains five of the best-known and most popular children’s games
  • HUMAN ANGRY DON’T – For Kids, KNIFFEL Kids, SPITZ PASSAUH!, Ligretto and a ladder game
Best rated as #4

ROMBOL Piglet Game - The dice game with cute piglets for...
ROMBOL Piglet Game – The dice game with cute piglets for… *

  • FUN PIG GAME: The piglet game is a fantastic party game for children and adults for 2-6 players. It is characterized by the simple set of rules and is particularly suitable as…
  • WOODEN BOARD GAME: The goal of this wooden game is to get rid of your own ceramic pigs using luck and skill.
Best rated as #5

Ravensburger children's game 24562 - Max Mouse Fright -...
Ravensburger children’s game 24562 – Max Mice Scare -… *

  • The action game classic is back and again provides a lot of varied fun for children aged 4 and up. Max Mice Fright is the ideal parlor game for a…
  • The naughty mice slide back and forth through the large, holey cheese. But watch out, Max the cat sneaks around the corners. If you don’t drop your cheese in shock, but rather…

Best selling dice game

In this overview of dice games for kids we show you sorted products by price and timeliness to help you with your purchase decision.

Price reduction on dice games for children

With our savings tips for price-conscious buyers, we show them here currently discounted dice games for kids according to the price level and the price drop. Our product crawler continuously searches Amazon for all of them price reductions. (Last update was 10/5/2022 at 18:42).

The most expensive dice games

This list shows expensive dice games, which are the most expensive in their category. Please note that a high price does not necessarily mean high quality.

The cheapest dice games for kids

The list of the cheapest dice games for children shows you products that prove to be real money saving tips. Be aware that a low price can also affect quality.

Recently Added Dice Games (New)

These dice games for kids are newly published and newly listed with us. New products usually have no ratings, but they can be interesting.

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