Sustainable cryptocurrency IMPT reaches $500,000 milestone in first two days of pre-sale

On October 3, 2022, the pre-sale of the new, sustainable cryptocurrency IMPT started. Just two days later, over $500,000 was raised from ESG-conscious investors. With online fundraising, started a long journey to achieve more environmental protection with readily available carbon offsets.

The IMPT token is intended to make shopping more sustainable in the future. With the platform, consumers can see their own ecological footprint transparently and also reduce it purposefully. Because emission credits (so-called carbon credits) are available as a compensation mechanism. These are designed as NFTs and can be traded via’s own marketplace.

IMPT Token: The shopping experience will be more sustainable than ever

A total of over 10,000 partner brands have already decided to support IMPT. From now on, each project will donate a portion of the revenue generated by the widget or app. Retailers can specify what fraction of the proceeds should be donated. The income thus indirectly benefits so-called impact projects, which are selected according to ESG criteria.

At the same time, consumers themselves earn IMPT tokens when they trade with a widget or app as a reward, which can then be exchanged for emission credits.

Sellers and consumers meet on the platform: effective fight against climate change

The following aspects are central to the eco-friendly cryptocurrency IMPT.

  1. In the future, consumers will be able to act ESG-compliant and track the impact of their business activities
  2. Individuals and companies can easily manage, trade or invest in carbon credits

If you buy IMPT tokens or receive them as a reward, you can exchange them for a CO2 credit on the marketplace. These are designed as NFTs and listed on the marketplace. When carbon credits are burned, they are sent to a blockchain address that can only receive tokens and not send them. As a result, the maximum supply is continuously reduced, which in turn may have a positive effect on the future price of the IMPT token.

Individuals can therefore decide at any time whether they want to burn their CO2 credits to compensate for their own CO₂ footprint, or whether they would rather list them on the IMPT market.

IMPT: ESG compliant, innovative and profitable

IMPT tokens

The new IMPT token is an exciting investment for all ESG-oriented investors who want to spend their money profitably but sustainably. With an investment in IMPT, you can make your own contribution to stopping environmental degradation by supporting green initiatives. All projects are carefully analyzed by Because IMPT would like to show in the future that taking social responsibility and better environmental protection are not contradictory.

Since this is often not easy for companies, investors and consumers to implement, uses blockchain technology and more transparency to ensure that sustainable action will be much easier in the future with the environmentally friendly IMPT cryptocurrency.

ESG: giant futures market

Financial tech company Broadridge Financial Solutions predicts a future market for ESG assets of around $30 trillion by 2030 – ESG is a giant future market. Impact investment, green investment and sustainable investment are far more than buzzwords in 2022.

IMPT would like to make a major contribution to countering the current challenges in connection with climate change. Existential threats to humanity and the planet require innovative solutions. The project was created by veteran CEO Denis Creighton. With IMPT, he would like to help make better use of personal influence on environmental protection. IMPT must be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Anyone who wants to participate in a green revolution via blockchain technology can connect their crypto wallet to the platform and then buy IMPT with ETH or USDT. At the same time, also offers a fiat-on-ramp to make buying IMPT tokens even easier and more accessible.

Currently, one IMPT token costs $0.018 in the first phase of the presale. In the second phase, which begins after a hard cap of USD 10.8 million is reached, one IMPT token costs USD 0.023. By the end of the pre-sale, the early investors can achieve book profits of over 50%.

IMPT logo

IMPT – The world’s first climate token

IMPT – The world’s first climate token

  • Participate in the climate protection program by investing in IMPT tokens
  • Emission trading based on blockchain
  • Now available for pre-sale


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