Halloween costumes for children: outfit trends for 2022

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Halloween costumes for kids: 10 ideas from Paw Patrol to Harley Quinn

Children love to dress up for Halloween

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Children love to dress up. By wearing a costume, you can be someone else for a day: whether it’s an idol, an artificial figure or a superhero – anything is allowed on Halloween. If you are still looking for a suitable outfit, you can get inspiration from the following.

For Halloween, it is a tradition in many families (and day care centers or schools) for children to dress up. Then they go from door to door – accompanied by an adult, naturally depending on their age – to grab a few candies from the neighbours. If your child is looking for a suitable costume for October 31st, the night before All Saints’ Day, you may be able to find what they are looking for in the list below. We introduce you to ten creative outfits.

1. Paw Patrol

Little Ryder and his six furry friends Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble and Zuma captured the hearts of many children. So it’s not surprising why many boys and girls want to dress up as their animal idols from the series “Paw Patrol” on Halloween. About as Marshall or hunt – there is a suitable costume for (almost) every character.

2. The Lego Movie

Movies by Lego, one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, are also very popular among children. “Emmet Baukowski” is a popular character from the second part of the film series with his orange jumpsuit. So if you want to dress up like your Lego idol this year, you’ll find it here the matching Emmet costume (for children aged seven to eight).

3. Harlequin

The Halloween classic is a scary clown costume – in this case, the set consists of a dress and cuffs, collar and headband, as well as tights. So your child can be as flashy as they are creative Harlequin Dress up to impress the neighborhood. According to the manufacturer, the coat is suitable for children between six and eight years old (size 128 to 152/158).

4. Ninja warrior

Available in three sizes (S, M, L), this popular costume is one Japanese warrior. Included is a black hoodie with a hood, black pants, a silver tab, a ninja face mask, a belt, gloves, two throwing stars and two daggers (made of foam, of course) and two cool bracelets.

5. Captain Marvel

Unlike most superheroes created by American comic book writer Stan Lee, Captain Marvel about a (powerful) woman. The special thing about her is that she is stronger than all other superheroes – this makes her a role model for many young women. And then of course there is also the perfect costume for Halloween, which of course is not only suitable for girls.

6. Mad Hatter

Who does not know him, the slightly confused, but thoroughly charming hat maker from the movie “Alice in Wonderland”? The character, who is called crazy for a reason, grabs attention not only with her style, but also with her imaginative outfits. For this reason, the colorful Halloween costume consists of a matching top and jacket, pants and a hat.

7. Witch

No Halloween without it witch costume: The two-piece set consists of an orange and black dress (including a petticoat) and a typical pointed witch’s hat. To complete the outfit, you can add other details to the costume – such as orange tights and a broom or even a large plastic spider.

8. Knight

Does your child want to dress up as a knight for Halloween? That’s no problem either: I this set you’ll find everything you need for costumes: a knight’s robe (including cape and belt), a pair of gloves and, of course, matching boot covers. There are two different sizes: one for four to six year olds and one for eight to ten year olds.

9. Vampire Lady

This spooky costume is also available in three different sizes (small for 5-7 years, medium for 8-10 years and large for 10-12 years). vampire lady. In addition to a dress with a maroon collar, bell sleeves and a choker are also included.

10. Crocodile

There is also a suitable costume for the very young Halloween fans, such as this cutie Crocodile costume for children between the ages of three and four. It consists only of a vest to which the animal head hood is attached and a detachable tail with spikes. For the perfect look, the head and belly were filled with cotton.

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