This new eco-friendly coin is expected to grow 50x by 2023

The range of ecological cryptocurrencies is still limited. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are still based on proof-of-work consensus, are more likely to be criticized for their high energy consumption. IMPT should now also give investors the opportunity to invest in one to invest organic cryptocurrencywith which greenhouse gases can be effectively reduced.

IMPT brings emissions rights trading to the blockchain. With trade of Emission quotas aim to reduce pollution be fought. They represent an incentive to reduce polluting emissions and are used in principle in the EU and in China to curb climate change.

How does emissions trading work?

In emissions trading, a central exchange sells a limited number of allowances that charge a company for emitting a certain amount of pollutants over a defined period. At the end of the period, those responsible for the emissions must quotas corresponding to their emissions show. If these are not sufficient for the issued emissions, they must purchase certificates. If not all certificates are used, you can sell them to other polluters. Emissions trading must help financial incentive for companies to create to initiate measures against environmental pollution.

IMPT brings emissions trading to the blockchain

IMPT issues tokens for the emission rights. You will be in one decentralized accounts and can be tracked by any user. This creates transparency and traceability guaranteedwhich cannot be achieved with the current system.

Carbon credits can be bought, sold and withdrawn via IMPT. For each CO2 credit, one invented new NFT, which can prevent fraudulent activity. A stable and transparent ecosystem should be developed in such a way that ecological challenges solved in the most efficient way.

IMPT also allows private individuals to buy CO2 credits. You can trade them or destroy them for yours own CO2 footprint to compensate. This gives the opportunity to contribute a small part to the fight against climate change. In return, the investors get a unique NFT collectible.

IMPT gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to environmental protection

To give individuals the opportunity to be active for to take steps to protect the environment, IMPT has teamed up with partner organizations that are actively working to improve environmental protection. This makes it possible for the participants

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying from partner organisations. These then represent a particular Sales margin for climate protection projects ready for the world to quickly become CO2 neutral.

IMPT has developed a rich ecosystem of products that bring people and businesses together contribute to a sustainable future be able to. Even with normal purchases, you are offered the opportunity to reduce your own CO2 footprint. Buying emission credits can be an active way to combat environmental pollution. If you choose to do so, your burn carbon credits, you will receive unique NFTs from the platform which can be resold on the decentralized exchanges. Active environmental protection can also financial benefits bring.

What benefits does IMPT offer investors?

On the IMPT platform, investors, companies and private individuals have the opportunity to actively support environmental protection and financial results to obtain. The following options are available:

trading in emission rights

Investors can earn returns in a variety of ways on the IMPT platform. Because the emission rights only limited available standing, their price increases as demand increases. If the companies do not have enough certificates, they have to buy additional emission rights. The less these certificates are offered in free trade, the less better returns can be achieved with the investment. NFTs are characterized by the emission rights which can be traded on the IMPT market.

Burning emission rights

Once you own emissions rights, you can choose to speculate with them or burn them. This allows him own CO2 footprint compensated because the corresponding amount of CO2 can no longer be legally emitted by others. The number of emission rights is reduced and price increasesgiving companies additional economic impetus to take steps to protect the environment.

Every time you burn carbon credits, IMPT gives you a unique collectible NFT that you either To keep or also on marketplace to offer be able to. Collective NFTs represent digital value that can also be used to generate returns.

Collect points and use them to buy emission rights

The IMPT platform works with many companies that are characterized by a active and effective environmental protection price. These companies are controlled by organizations to ensure environmental protection. More than 10,000 brands already work with IMPT, which more than 2 trillion products to offer. With each purchase from these providers, participants receive points that they can exchange for emission rights on the IMPT platform.

Investment in the cryptocurrency IMPT

The value of a cryptocurrency is determined solely by its demand and supply. The IMPT platform becomes one high demand trigger by the cryptocurrency so all transactions are done with IMPT. The issue price at the first Presale is $0.018 and will increase rapidly as the platform becomes popular. Analysts expect up to 50x increase in value.

IMPT provides an opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency that can reduce the carbon footprint and investors still achieve good returns be able to. Analysts even assume that the price of the cryptocurrency can increase by up to 50 times.

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