This extraordinary coin is about to skyrocket by 7,000%

Prices for all types of cryptos, from established names to startups, have fallen over the past few months. Thus, the crypto bear trend looks set to continue into the fall and winter. A literal crypto winter. Nevertheless, a few exceptional coins generate profits and thus offer savvy investors profitable alternatives.

One such bear market outlier is RBIS, the symbol of the ArbiSmart ecosystem. ArbiSmart is a hub for financial services regulated by the EU. Analysts have high expectations for the RBIS Token crypto wallet. There will be an increase of up to 7,000% by the end of 2022 predicted!

Resistant to volatility

One of the most popular services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem, especially in times of high volatility, is the automated crypto arbitrage system. This provides a good hedge against falling prices.

How it works: Crypto arbitrage generates a constant stream of income from temporary differences in the price of coins between different crypto exchanges. These differences are common in both a bull and bear market. ArbiSmart’s algorithm is in almost 40 crypto exchanges integrated and scans day and night for price differences. If he finds one, he buys the cryptocurrency at the lowest available price and immediately sells it again at the highest. Profits of up to 45% per year can be achieved depending on the amount invested.

Another popular ArbiSmart service is their recently launched interest bearing wallet, the offers the same interest rate on your capital regardless of market trends. Thus, this wallet acts as a crypto savings account. Holders of such a wallet can invest capital in savings schemes for a short period of just one month or in long-term plans for a period of up to five years. The interest is better the longer and the more money invested. Interest is paid daily and can be transferred to a separate balance from which they can be withdrawn at any time. Alternatively, the interest earned can be added directly to the blocked balance to get an even higher interest rate.

ArbiSmart savings schemes are available for short and long periods.

ArbiSmart Savings Plans offer interest rates unmatched by any competitor in the industry and up to 147% per year reach. The exact interest amount depends on the balance in each wallet. The more RBIS tokens there are on the wallet, the higher the interest income there is on the balance in all of them 25 supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies. These range from Bitcoin, Ethereum and ApeCoin to the Euro, US Dollar and British Pound.

If the balance is in RBIS, a three times higher interest is charged. This interest rate then applies to any balance in any other currency. However, the wallet holder can also choose to keep their balance in Bitcoin or Euro and increase their profit by receiving daily interest in RBIS.

What’s coming to ArbiSmart this autumn and winter

The ArbiSmart development team has decided to work extra hard.

In addition to a mobile application for exchanging, buying, storing and selling cryptocurrencies, ArbiSmart works a DeFi protocol and launch a yield farming service with unique gamification features.

The ArbiSmart team discusses their new DeFi plans.

An NFT marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens and a collection of unique ArbiSmart NFTs will also be released in Q4.

At almost the same time, ArbiSmart will also introduce a crypto exchange and a play-to-earn gaming metaverse. There you can earn real profits by buying, selling and developing virtual real estate.

All services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem are interconnected and enable better conditions when using multiple services at the same time. For example, owning an ArbiSmart NFT will increase a liquidity provider’s APY.


So how will the current and future services that make up the ArbiSmart ecosystem affect the RBIS price? To answer this question, we need to take a closer look at the token economy.

First, it is important to understand that all the services ArbiSmart offers involve the use of Claim RBIS tokens. For example, before the crypto arbitrage algorithm can start making money on behalf of a user, the invested funds are automatically converted to RBIS. The token is also required to purchase all in-game items in the Metaverse and to participate in the decentralized yield farming program. In addition, RBIS is obliged to receive interest on savings schemesand the more RBIS purchased, the higher the interest income for all supported currencies.

The Tokenomics of the ArbiSmart Ecosystem.

With each new service added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem over the coming months and beyond, the demand for RBIS tokens will increase. Meanwhile, as the wallet gains in popularity and an increasing amount of RBIS is locked into long-term savings plans, the supply of RBIS is declining. Because these tokens are taken out of general circulation for the time being. The number of RBIS tokens is permanently limited. No new RBIS tokens (embossed) will be made.

So if the increasing demand exceeds the decreasing supply, the token price will increase accordingly, potentially hurting RBIS holders large capital gains give. This is in addition to income from betting, playing for money, trading or simply keeping funds safe in savings plans above.

So while you wait for the crypto market to recover, you can make money in a variety of ways with an RBIS wallet. Buy RBIS tokensbefore they become rarer and more expensive.

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