These are the car insurance companies with the best customer focus

October 4, 2022 – According to Servicevalue’s “Service-Atlas Kfz-Versicherunger 2022” of the service insurers, Provinzial offers the best overall customer orientation. They are followed by LVM and Huk-Coburg ahead of Concordia, ADAC, Gothaer and Allianz. Among the direct insurers, Huk24 passed Cosmos and took the lead. Third to fifth places are occupied by Friday, Allianz Direct and Nexible.

Servicevalue GmbH has now for the 13th time examined the service quality and customer orientation of car insurance companies. “Service Atlas Motor Vehicle Insurers 2022” is based on an online consumer survey conducted in August 2022.

Respondents could rate up to two providers they had been a customer of within the past 12 months. The investigation resulted in 3,521 judgments against 31 motor vehicle service insurers and 1,563 judgments against 15 motor vehicle insurers.

Criteria for evaluating car insurance companies …

35 service characteristics from the following seven performance dimensions were available for evaluation:

  • Products (rate choice and variety; transparency of rates and offers, quality of products, coverage/service extensions, bonus options (infrequent drivers, single/partner, workshop), flexibility of products (choice of additional services));
  • Customer advice (quality of advice, addressing customer needs, binding declarations, querying all relevant criteria, accuracy of offer);
  • Customer communication (possibility of contacting employees, written documents/advertising/flyers, comprehensibility of communication (invoices, complaint forms), website, clarity on the website (navigation and search function));
  • value for money (value for money, cost transparency);
  • Claim handling (speed of response in the event of a claim, compliance with promises in the event of a claim, straightforwardness and traceability of claims processing, extent of settlement in the event of a claim, active claims management (workshop service via insurance));
  • Customer service (friendliness and courtesy, initiative and helpfulness of employees, quality of general processing of inquiries, prompt processing of general requests, additional (service) services offered, accuracy, handling of general complaints and complaints);
  • Customer care (rewards for customer loyalty, offers to extend or switch services at lower rates, regular review of insurance coverage and premiums).


… and grading scale

The assessment was made on a five-point response scale (from 1 = “excellent” to 2 = “very good”, 3 = “good” and 4 = “moderate” to 5 = “poor”). Servicevalue further stated the method:

“The sub-dimensions are a result of the respective evaluation criteria as an unweighted average […]. All companies that are above average are rated ‘good’. Companies that, on the other hand, are above the average of companies rated as ‘good’, get a ‘very good’.”

Service insurers: Province at the top

In the overall assessment of the service insurance companies, seven providers received a “very good” rating. Provincial Insurance once again secured the top spot. As in the previous year, LVM Landwirtschaftliche Versicherungsverein Münster aG took silver. Huk-Coburg Versicherungen was again third.

Concordia Versicherungs-Gesellschaft aG climbed from sixth to fourth, and ADAC Versicherungen from seventh to fifth. It is followed by Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG, which recently moved up into the top group. Allianz Versicherungs-AG is currently in seventh place (last year: eighth).

On the one hand, SV Sparkassenversicherung Gebäudeversicherung AG, which now leads the group of eight “good” providers, had to say goodbye to the top group. Landschaftliche Brandkasse Hannover (VGH), which was in fourth place a year ago, is also no longer one of the best providers.

Only Provincial and LVM are “very good” in all dimensions

Only the province and LVM belong to the “very good” providers in all seven categories. Allianz (except value for money), Concordia (except customer service) and Huk-Coburg (except customer care) managed to do this six times.

The overall winner, Provincial, is at the top in the three quality dimensions “customer advice”, “customer communication” and “claims settlement”. In terms of “customer service”, LVM triumphed over its competitors, Huk-Coburg in the “Products” category. When it comes to value for money, ADAC is a step ahead and when it comes to customer service, Concordia.

Direct insurance company: Huk24 overtakes Cosmos

In a comparison of direct providers, Huk24 AG (in third place last year) replaced Cosmos Versicherung AG as the front runner. The German Friday division of Friday Insurance SA, which was not one of the listed direct motor insurance companies in the previous year, secured bronze.

Allianz Direct Versicherung climbed from a “good” fifth place to a “very good” fourth place. Position five is occupied by Nexible Versicherung AG, which was also not listed separately a year ago. R+V Direktversicherung AG and Europa Versicherung AG, which came second last year, dropped out of the top group. The latter had reached fourth place last year.

Cosmos brought in three individual wins (customer advice, communication and service). Friday won in the “Products” and “Value for money” segments, Huk24 in “Claims Settlement” and Allianz Direct in “Customer care”. Friday is one of the best providers six times (except for claims settlement). Cosmos and Huk24 each managed to do this five times (apart from value for money and customer service)

Information on additional survey content as well as on the price and how to obtain the “Service Atlas Motor Vehicle Insurers 2022” can be found in this survey leaflet (PDF, 4.7 MB).

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