The Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz Children and Family Center on Grünwalder Straße officially opened

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Of: Mahi Kola


At the beginning of the ceremonial opening of their orphanage, the children sang a song together. © Coke

Kaufbeuren/Neugablonz – Last Saturday, guests and project participants celebrated the opening of the inclusive child and family center on Grünwalder Straße with the kindergarten family. The ceremony was followed by an open day, which gave interested visitors an insight into the premises. The house houses 186 children and is also intended as an open play and adventure area for families.

At the ceremony, the children welcomed guests, councillors, neighbors and participants with a cheerful singing performance. The new spacious children’s home offers space for six kindergarten groups, three nursery groups and one after-school group – all gathered in one place. Of the 186 newly created places, 26 are inclusion places for children with special needs. With large projects of this kind, Kaufbeuren City invests in childcare and thus meets the ever-increasing demand for childcare places.

Child and family center on Grünwalder Straße, Kaufbeuren
Here you can live: Fantastic conditions and plenty of space to play, learn and discover together. © Coke

“Leisure and education campus” for Neugablonz

As Lord Mayor Stefan Bosse emphasized in his welcoming words, the two-storey building with its modern and open spaces offers the little residents a place to feel good and plenty of room for personal development. The family center is also a “play and experience area for the entire borough”: According to Bosse, this should also benefit the families in the borough, who often live under very cramped living conditions. Family Officer Alfred Riermeier also emphasized the opportunities that the “leisure and education campus” opened up. “We need more centers like this in the city,” says Riermeier. Depending on the needs of the families, events and offers for exchange, for meetings and advice, such as a parents’ café, an afternoon of games or the like can be envisaged in the future.

Children are in the foreground

According to Riermeier, the facility’s educational concept makes it clear that the focus is always on the child’s well-being. Equally important for a successful coexistence in the orphanage is the partnership with the parents as well as a committed management and educators with heart. The children’s comments on their new house confirm that the children feel at home in the kindergarten family. The children from the different groups such as linden, beech, alder and co were particularly excited about the various play options – both inside and outside.

Executive architects Felix & Jonas Architekten from Munich focused on a “campus for children” that opens up space for play and discovery: the translucent building offers a play area inside that can be used in many different ways, spacious terrace areas and outdoor areas in the green, which enables natural play. According to Niya Kiryakova from the architectural team, this is a “project that is close to our hearts – especially because we planned it for children”.

The architect hoped to have come together to create an orphanage for the little residents where they could “spend many happy years”. Facility manager Eva Pfefferle also expressed her thanks for the good cooperation with everyone involved in the project. She expressed her joy that “our approach to pedagogy has been realized in these spaces”. With this project, Pfefferle hoped to create a “lighthouse for Neugablonz” that would benefit the families of the district. The director described the team of more than 40 dedicated teachers who, together with the children, create a “vibrant place of community” every day as a “ray of hope”.

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