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In Germany there are many infants or young children who need a foster family. Her own parents are temporarily or permanently unable to raise her. The “Foster Families Germany” podcast supports people who are already giving a child a home or who are interested in one. Specialists also benefit from this.

There are around eleven million children living in Germany. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive and loving home. Alcohol or other drugs, for example, ensure that children are neglected. Illness or abuse are also reasons why girls and boys cannot grow up protected. Bertram Kasper knows that in many places the number of parents who are temporarily or permanently unable to look after their children is increasing. He works at St. Elisabeth-Verein in Marburg in the foster family department in Hessen and sits at the microphone for the “Pflegefamilie Deutschland” podcast. He says: “There are more than 90,000 foster children in Germany. And foster families are still being sought.”

Every third Friday since April 2020, Bertram Kasper has explained what a foster family is, how couples or single parents can look after a foster child and many other topics. The podcast has now been listened to more than 100,000 times. Bertram Kasper talks to surrogate mothers, but also to foster children who have grown up today. And he also shows what life is like with disabled or sick foster children. For example, listeners learn what FASD is – children with this diagnosis have limitations and show abnormalities because their mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy.

When people are interested in adopting a foster child for the first time, they need information. What is a foster family anyway? Can single parents or gay couples also have a foster child? What does the foster child need? Should it be a private room? Do the foster parents have to be completely healthy? What is the maximum age they should be? Experts answer all this in the podcast.

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There are many children in Germany who cannot grow up in their biological family. If people want to take in a child, they can contact the local youth welfare office for advice. Not only heterosexual couples can apply, but also, for example, single parents or homosexual couples. It is important that the prospective foster family is in good financial shape, that the foster parents are healthy and have so far not been guilty of anything. Age also plays a role. It is checked whether the child comes into a loving home, because there is a shortage of children who become foster children. They have often experienced neglect, violence, sick or drug-addicted parents.

The podcast “Foster families Germany”:

The podcast “Foster Families Germany” has been around since April 2020. It is the leading podcast for this topic. Over 50 episodes have now been released. These have been heard more than 100,000 times. With the podcast, foster families get support, for example about law. If couples are interested in a foster child for the first time, they will find important basics and lots of additional information here. Foster mothers, former foster children, social workers or doctors have their say. Bertram Kasper is in charge of the interviews. He works in St. Elisabeth association in Marburg in the foster family department in Hesse.

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