This coin rose 350% in September, while Bitcoin and Dogecoin fell

The ongoing crypto bear trend shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Not all digital assets are in a downtrend. In fact, some coins show exceptional resistance to market volatility, and one of them is RBIS, the symbol behind the ArbiSmart project.

ArbiSmart is an EU-licensed financial services hub that is steadily increasing in value as Bitcoin and other leading cryptos continue to be in the red.

Let’s see what makes ArbiSmart so special.

A stable gain despite a falling stock market

The ArbiSmart ecosystem includes an automated crypto arbitrage service that allows you to insulate your cryptocurrencies from market volatility while still generating significant passive profits. This makes the service very popular, especially during a falling market.

Crypto arbitrage makes money during the short periods when a coin is available at different prices on different crypto exchanges at the same time. These differences can arise for various reasons, e.g. B. by a different trading volume between a major and a minor crypto exchange, and they occur with equal frequency in bull and bear markets.

ArbiSmart’s algorithm monitors assets on nearly 40 crypto exchanges simultaneously, and if it sees a price gap, it automatically buys at the lowest available price before immediately selling again at the highest available price, resulting in returns of up to 45% per year can lead.

ArbiSmart Arbitrage System.

Another way to achieve a consistent, predictable profit whether the market goes down or up is by securing funds in ArbiSmart’s interest-bearing wallet. This offers Interest of up to 147% per annum for the 25 different supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

There is a wide range of savings schemes, from one to three month plans to two, three and five year plans, offering higher interest rates the longer capital is tied up (and the longer capital is tied up). The exact interest amount depends on the wallet holder’s balance and how many RBIS he or she owns. The more RBIS in the wallet, the bigger the profit on balances in any supported currency, from bitcoin to euros. However, interest on RBIS credits is three times higher than any other credit.

The manner in which the interest is paid also affects the profit. Income is paid daily and can be transferred to an available balance at any time or added to blocked savings to get a higher interest rate. Even if the savings balance consists of BTC, ETH or USD, the interest may only be received in RBIS. In return, you get a higher yield.

Multiple sources of income

ArbiSmart is in the middle of a massive development campaign, which began this summer with the wallet’s launch in July. By the end of 2022, the development team will launch a new mobile application for buying, selling, storing and exchanging cryptos. It will also introduce a DeFi protocol with unprecedented gamification capabilities. This service will provide users Reward up to 190,000% APY plus 0.3% of fees from each trade.

Gamification comes to ArbiSmart.  Tablet with news, articles and headlines about earning opportunities.
Gamification reward features coming soon to ArbiSmart.

This winter, ArbiSmart is also releasing its own collection of unique digital artworks, as well as its own NFT marketplace for them. All sorts of non-fungible tokens can be bought and sold on it. A professional crypto exchange is also in the pipeline, along with a metaverse for games to make money that generate real-world profits.

This wide range of new RBIS services will allow users to do just that Profit from multiple sources of income at the same time to generate, including games, trading, betting, arbitrage, NFT investments and savings plans. Of course, there are also gains from capital gains from the rising token value.

Increased token demand

According to analysts, the RBIS token will be sold at the end of December rise to 48 times its current value. There are a number of reasons for these promising predictions, but the main reason is the increasing demand for RBIS tokens.

The ArbiSmart ecosystem is growing in popularity as more crypto investors turn to the project as a hedge against falling prices. These so-called bear market resistant services allow users to make money while waiting for the market to recover. Among these services are, for example, ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage system or the interest-generating wallet. ArbiSmart allows you to earn large profits with minimal risk, regardless of which direction the market moves.

Visualizing ArbiSmart as a Bear Market Protection.  Woman sits on a wall, the bear can't get to her.
ArbiSmart as protection against the bear market.

The existing and any new services added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem will also require the use of the RBIS token. With each new service, the demand for RBIS will increase.

This is already evident from the fact that demand has increased since the ArbiSmart wallet has gained popularity. More and more people are investing in RBIS for longer periods in savings schemes, thus withdrawing them from circulation, which means that the supply of RBIS still available is decreasing.

The token supply is permanently limited to 450 million RBIS.

So in the coming weeks and months, as the ArbiSmart ecosystem expands, as demand continues to increase while the available supply dwindles, the token price will rise accordingly.

So, given all these factors, it is no surprise that the RBIS price is set to skyrocket while prices in the rest of the crypto market continue to fall. Buy RBIS now to lock in profits even during a falling market!

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