Already up 300% – this coin is expected to surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum this fall

While bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are falling rapidly, some coins are proving very resilient given the current market volatility.

The coin that is doing surprisingly well is RBIS, even though the rest of the market seems to be going down. RBIS is the symbol for the ArbiSmart ecosystem of decentralized financial services. In the last 3 weeks alone it has increased by 300%and it is still increasing.

Here you can find out why RBIS is not impressed with the market and why analysts expect a valuation increase of up to 30 times by the end of the year.

Constant profits despite a weak market

The main reason for the increasing RBIS price is probably that the ArbiSmart ecosystem offers services, which are not directly dependent on the market situation, but can work flexibly with the current situation. As such, it does not matter much to ArbiSmart if we are in a bear market. Even when prices drop, users can still make reliable profits.

ArbiSmart offers an automated crypto arbitrage service. It is a low-risk investment strategy that makes money from temporary price differences of a crypto on different crypto exchanges. These price differences occur at regular intervals regardless of which direction the market is moving.

ArbiSmart’s automated system trackers Hundreds of currencies and cryptoassets (eg NFTs) on multiple crypto exchanges looking for temporary price differences. It then buys the asset on the crypto exchange with the lowest price and immediately sells it back to the crypto exchange with the highest price. Users just deposit money and the algorithm does the rest. It is said that a profit of up to 147% per year can be achieved. The exact profit percentage depends on the amount deposited and can be calculated before the first investment.

Illustration of profits of up to 147% with ArbiSmart

ArbiSmart offers yet another way for crypto owners to make money even during a crash. In July this year, ArbiSmart introduced its interest-bearing wallet, which offers annual installments of up to 147%. These returns remain the same in bull and bear markets and are not intended to be found elsewhere.

The wallet supports 25 different FIAT and cryptocurrencies and offers a variety of savings plans. Wallet holders can invest funds in short-term savings schemes as short as 1 month or in long-term schemes up to 5 years, with higher returns the more and longer the funds are tied up.

The interest rate is based on the wallet holder’s balance, which is determined by the amount of RBIS they have. More RBIS means better returns on the balance in any supported currency. These include Bitcoin, Ether, Shiba Inu, but also fiat currencies such as euros, pounds sterling and US dollars.

The best returns are achieved on RBIS balances, although users can still increase these returns even if they choose not to convert funds into RBIS, simply by allowing users to receive daily interest in RBIS.

A growing range of services

The ArbiSmart development team has been working hard to even expand the RBIS ecosystem throughout the bear market, and these efforts will continue through the end of the year.

At the end of Q3 and Q4, ArbiSmart a mobile application to earn, buy, store and exchange cryptocurrencies. It will also introduce a decentralized protocol where yield farmers will be able to provide loans and liquidity. And in return for up to 190,000% APY (no typos!) and 0.3% the fee for each trade. The protocol will also offer a unique feature with gamification features that allow users to accumulate points and further increase annual percentage returns.

ArbiSmart will get one later this winter NFT Marketplace launch and launch its own unique collection of digital collectibles. 2023 will see the launch of a professional crypto exchange and a play-to-earn metaverse where participants can buy, develop and sell virtual property.

The property market in ArbiSmart Metaverse.

All these RBIS services will be interconnected so that an RBIS owner using additional services will get better returns. For example, an ArbiSmart NFT will act as both a digital art investment and a points booster, generating higher scores for yield farmers and increasing their annual yield.

By using the ArbiSmart ecosystem, users achieve Profit from various RBIS services, such as B. Staking, liquidity injection and arbitrage trading. Users can massively increase these profits by locking the earnings into a wallet savings plan for a certain period of time, creating another source of income without additional effort.

A constant upward trend

During the ongoing market downturn this year (the bear market), the arbitrage system and the ArbiSmart wallet have provided a safe haven. This has made ArbiSmart a popular investment option for crypto owners. As the wallet continues to grow in functionality and popularity, and as more people open savings schemes, fewer and fewer RBIS will be available. The more RBIS that leave circulation, the more limited the available supply and the higher the value.

Each service requires RBIS, but stock is limited.

Since all services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem require the use of RBIS, the demand for the token will continue to grow with each new service. Supply is forever limited to 450 million RBIS. If increasing demand reduces supply, this will push the price up and could generate huge capital gains.

RBIS is on a constant upward trend even as other coins plummet. Open your ArbiWallet now to profit from your bitcoin no matter which direction the market moves next.

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