Pending Autobiography​: Always in Trouble with Harry​

Advertised autobiography
Always trouble with Harry

The relationship with the British King Charles III. to his younger son and his wife Meghan are considered charged. A reconciliation still seems possible – if it weren’t for the announced autobiography of the Duke of Sussex.

Almost four weeks after the Queen’s death, the royal family’s official period of mourning ended a few days ago. that Charles III. wants to make changes quickly and get the country used to his reign, Buckingham Palace demonstrated by publishing the signet for the new king. The letters C and R for Charles and Rex (Latin: king), plus the Roman numeral for three, can be found under the English or Scottish crown. By 1952, Elizabeth II had taken several months to create her own brand.

70 years later, the monarchy is under constant observation, the people involved must prove their legitimacy every day and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. This has now been elegantly demonstrated by the new heir to the throne William and his wife Kate. Before the couple left for Wales, the royal family deflected a simmering controversy: there would be no invitation for the new Prince of Wales and his wife (see info box).

Charles can count on the support of his older son and his wife 100 percent. But how does the relationship develop with the younger one? Prince Harry (38), who has moved to California, and his 41-year-old wife Meghan are the focus of feverish speculation these days. Under the impression of recent events, is there a reconciliation with the institution that the couple had turned their backs on almost three years ago?

For some commentators, the rapprochement with the Californian part of the family represents a kind of litmus test of how serious King Charles, 73, really is about modernization. In the conservative Spectator magazine, Peter Hunt, a former BBC royals reporter, campaigned for the renegade couple to make a generous offer. Couldn’t Charles give the Afghan veteran and veteran lobbyist back his honorary military titles and reinstate him in royal representation? Perhaps the two children Archie (3) and 15-month-old Lilibet could now also be given the title Royal Highness, as has been the royal custom up until now?

It’s not quite that easy, others disagree, citing the difficult time between Meghan’s appearance as Harry’s girlfriend in 2016 and the move to North America four years later. The doubters see themselves confirmed by the new book “Courtiers” (couriers) by the long-time royal correspondent for the London “Times”. In it, Valentine Low describes the frustration of many palace employees at life under the thumb of the very ambitious Meghan Markle.

Some of the interactions described sound like typical misunderstandings between the English, who like to speak frankly, and an American, who is used to mince words. Of course, former close associates of the duchess also dictated all sorts of questionable things to the writer in the block: Meghan annoyed employees with late-night calls, humiliated individual people in the circle of colleagues, would never understand the royal protocol. In their hostility to the notoriously down-to-earth media, Meghan and Harry shook each other rather than seeking balance.

A serious stumbling block is already on the way to a possible reconciliation: Harry’s autobiography, announced with a huge PR effort, is to be published in time for the American Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November. The prince described his work as “precise and completely honest”, which was interpreted in the media as a renewed attack on the royal family. According to London media, the author is now in negotiations with the publisher Penguin Random House about how far the new situation after the Queen’s death can and must be taken into account. Last but not least, it’s about money: according to reports, the duke has already received about half of the agreed fee of $40 million for three books. Can the promise of generous donations from the palace still stave off the predictable breakup, with Harry withdrawing his book for the time being? The Dukes of Sussex are sure to be a headache for the new king and his team of advisers.

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