Children’s shampoo in the Öko test: “Very good” quality for less than 1 euro

Öko-Test has tested various shower shampoos for children in the laboratory – and can recommend 7 out of 18 products for the smallest:

  • Öko-Test has taken a closer look at 18 shower shampoos for children. (all other test reports in a moment).
  • At least seven shampoos received the test grade “very good”.
  • However, ingredients that have been criticized by Öko-Test have been found in several products for the little ones.

Choosing the right shampoo is extremely important, especially for the little ones. After all, the product must in no way stick in the eyes, contain gentle ingredients and ideally sweeten the often irritating bathing ritual with color and fragrance. Öko-Test has taken a closer look at 18 shower shampoos for children – and can still “reservedly” recommend seven products. Other shampoos, on the other hand, contain critical ingredients.

Children’s shampoo compared by Öko-Test: How the experts tested it

Most children’s products tested by Öko-Test combine shower gel and shampoo. The articles in the test included two certified natural cosmetic products and two solid shower shampoos for children. In the current October issue, Öko-Test has also taken a closer look at cleansing milk.

According to its own statement, Öko-Test has taken a closer look at what lies behind the recipes for the 18 shampoos for the smallest. The products were checked in various laboratories for problematic surfactants, preservatives and fragrances using the ingredients list. The sustainability of the packaging was also included in the test verdict.

Shampoo for children in the Öko test: Allergenic and carcinogenic ingredients?

According to the test report from Öko-Test, so-called halogenated organic compounds, which are often used as preservatives, were detected in eight of the shower shampoos. This is a group of substances that, according to test experts, contain the most chlorine. The test method used by Öko-Test was unable to determine exactly which compounds are present – however, according to the report, many of the substances in halogenated organic compounds are considered allergenic and sometimes even carcinogenic.

“We are monitoring and at the same time urging the manufacturers to get to the bottom of the problem of agency,” Öko-Test promises in the report. Öko-Test also criticizes so-called PEG compounds, which were found in seven shampoos in the test. The surfactants are used for the foaming effect, but according to experts they can make the skin more permeable to foreign substances. In a previous issue, Öko-Test also took a closer look at shampoos for adults.

Shower shampoos for children: These are the test winners at Öko-Test

The experts were also aware of scents when checking children’s shampoos – with good news: According to the laboratory analysis, none of the test objects contained critical scents, but all the products in the test contained perfume. Öko-Test recommends the following seven shower shampoos after comparing them with the top grade “very good” – including the cheapest “Balea” product from the pharmacy dm.

  • Natural cosmetics: Dresdner Essenz Dreckspatz 3 in 1 shower gel blackberry scent
  • Natural cosmetics: Weleda Kids 2in1 Shower & Shampoo Fruity Orange
  • Solid products: Foamie Kids 2in1 solid shampoo and shower gel
  • Fixed products: Hydrophil Die Maus Shampoo & Shower 2in1, fruity apple
  • Balea Shower & Shampoo Cool Diver
  • Isana Kids 3in1 shower, shampoo and conditioner football star
  • Tetesept children’s bath fun 2in1 Rosalie rainbow

The entire Öko-Test test result is available here (for a fee). Also interesting: In the October issue of the magazine, Öko-Test also tested 14 baby monitors – almost all of them have clear weaknesses, the grade “good” was awarded only four times. (cab)

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