Geforce RTX 4000: Why DLSS 3 is so important to Nvidia

It is well known that Nvidia launches an RTX 4000-exclusive feature with DLSS 3, which is the basis of the sometimes huge performance improvements. However, this presents some challenges for Nvidia.

Games for DLSS 3

Of course, a look at the list of announced DLSS 3 games reveals the dilemma. Nvidia is also hard hit by the many game changes. The titles that have not yet appeared in the DLSS-3 listing are sometimes significantly delayed. And Nvidia needs powerful new games to properly market DLSS 3. Stalker 2 is on the list, but the shooter has been delayed more or less indefinitely from the original date of December 2022. Anyway, it’s doubtful that the coveted shooter really being released in late 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy would also be a driving force, but this game has also been postponed until February 2023. After all: With Warhammer 40,000 Darktide (November 30, 2022) and Atomic Heart (“Winter 2022”), two well-known titles are due to be released in 2022 – however later than the original intentions. A Plague Tale Requiem is also one of the hopefuls and will only appear shortly after the launch of the RTX 4080 (specifically on October 18), which will take place on October 12. goes on stage. The DLSS-3 title The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will no longer appear in 2022.

Benchmarks from Nvidia for the RTX 4000

RTX 4000: Hvorfor DLSS 3 er så vigtig for Nvidia (2) <span class=[Quelle: Nvidia]” src=”×214/2022/09/geforce-rtx-40-series-gaming-performance-1-pcgh.png” width=”380″ height=”214″ />

RTX 4000: Hvorfor DLSS 3 er så vigtig for Nvidia (3) <span class=[Quelle: Nvidia]” src=”×214/2022/09/geforce-rtx-40-series-nvidia-dlss3-performance-chart-1-pcgh.png” width=”380″ height =”214″/>

RTX 4000: Hvorfor DLSS 3 er så vigtig for Nvidia (4) <span class=[Quelle: Nvidia]” src=”×214/2022/09/geforce-rtx-4080-gaming-performance-1-pcgh.jpg” width=”434″ height=”214″/>

RTX 4000: Hvorfor DLSS 3 er så vigtig for Nvidia (5) <span class=[Quelle: Nvidia]” src=”×214/2022/09/geforce-rtx-4090-gaming-performance-1-pcgh.jpg” width=”504″ height=”214″/>

Otherwise, there are many games in said list which have already been released; so they get subsequent DLSS-3 updates. In benchmarks, Flight Simulator (Release: 18/08/2020) and Cyberpunk 2077 (Release: 12/10/2020) with the RT Overdrive mode were particularly highlighted. Both games are nearly or more than two years old and should run much faster thanks to updates and, in the case of Cyberpunk, offer more complex ray tracing effects. The Witcher 3 is also on the DLSS 3 list, here Nvidia uses the next gen remaster, which also brings ray-tracing into play. As a reminder, The Witcher 3 was originally released on 05/19/2015.

That Nvidia does not want to depend on game developers alone can be seen from the in-house Racer RTX, which promises one of the biggest performance improvements for the RTX 40 cards. The same applies to Portal RTX, which Nvidia has planned in collaboration with Valve as a ray tracing remaster project for November.

Gaming performance without DLSS 3

The benchmarks published so far in “conventional” games show how important DLSS 3 and ray tracing are for the upcoming RTX 4000 cards. Nvidia itself lists values ​​for Resident Evil Village (ray tracing, no DLSS), AC Valhalla (neither or) and The Division 2 (neither or). In all three titles, the RTX 4080 12GB is slightly below the RTX 3090 Ti, the RTX 4080 16GB and the RTX 4090 between 17 and 71 percent above it. In such games, the price-performance ratio does not look particularly good. So Nvidia needs DLSS 3 in an argument and does not hide it, as you can read in the description of the RTX 4080 12GB.

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It says: “The 12GB 4080 is an incredible GPU that surpasses our previous generation flagship RTX 3090 Ti and is three times more powerful than the RTX 3080 Ti with support for DLSS 3so we think it’s a great 80s class GPU”.

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