Three cultural projects for children and young people awarded

The Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz Foundation has been supporting charities in the state for 15 years. This year, for the third time, the foundation awarded “KultDING”, an award for exemplary socio-cultural projects with children and young people in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The art workshop in Burgbrohl’s art pavilion, the clothing factory in Trier and the association Perspektive eV in Wittlich are this year’s winners, who were presented in the presence of State Secretary for Culture Jürgen Hardeck in the culture factory in Koblenz.

Non-profit associations and institutions with cultural projects in visual arts, media, literature, music, dance and theater aimed at children and young people could apply. KultDING’s partner is LAG Soziokultur & Kulturpädagogik Rheinland-Pfalz e.V

“In addition to the prize money from the Lotto Foundation, KultDING also includes hand-made trophies from the Cochem-Zell Art School for young people and professional visuals from the TomTom PR agency,” explains Frank Zwanziger, CEO of the Lotto Foundation. And former State Secretary Walter Schumacher, member of the Lotto Foundation Council and chairman of the jury, adds: “The films show how creative and integrative the socio-cultural work throughout Rhineland-Palatinate is. This can be described as the real intention of the award: We want to make the big projects visible to a wide public, so that the organizers can experience more recognition and support.” Magnus Schneider, chairman of the Lotto Foundation, agrees: “The KultDINGet must show what children and young people can and what they can come up with – under the guidance of adults – as access to culture.” This is also confirmed by Margret Staal, head of the LAG Socioculture and Cultural Education in Rhineland-Palatinate, is happy about the special collaboration with the Lotto Foundation: “We have long considered how we can bring these unique projects of children and young people to more public. This prize from the Lotto Foundation is valuable and important at the same time, because it shows the necessary appreciation of the projects and brings them to the public.” At the central award ceremony in Koblenz Kulturfabrik, State Secretary for Culture Jürgen Hardeck, among other things, presented awards together with students from Cochem Ungdoms Artskolepriser to those responsible for the three projects, which were selected in advance from a large number of applications. It has never been so close as this year. Therefore, two first places were awarded. There were 3,500 euros each for these two, and 1,500 euros for the third place.

1st prize: art workshop in the Burgbrohl art pavilion

The offers at the art workshop in the Burgbrohl art pavilion are aimed at children, young people, families and young adults. The offerings are expressly designed to be participatory, inclusive and open to all age groups, classes and cultures. A holiday project for 65 children between the ages of 7 and 13 was awarded. They were accompanied by five artists between the ages of 30 and 63. Burgbrohl’s art pavilion, a construction playground on the outskirts and the village streets were available to test ideas and new action spaces. The following questions were addressed: What do we need for our villages? How do we imagine our living environment? In this way, the children were encouraged to alternate between artistic input, creative design, reflection and play. Finally, everyone involved could experience how children and young people ask curious questions, learn and implement them without being forced to learn. Each person has discovered specific talents in this small temporary community; whether artistic, creative, linguistic or social.

1st prize: clothing factory Trier

The clothing factory in Trier has been a cultural and communication center for the greater Trier area for more than 30 years, and with around 70,000 visitors a year, it is also the largest socio-cultural center in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The adventure playground “Tufatopolis Im Schammat” – the children’s construction site in Trier-Süd was awarded. Since 2010, real tools have been used at this children’s construction site to saw, hammer, model and improvise, creating a city of its own with cabins, bridges, barbecue area, etc. After ten successful years, Tufatopolis left the original site, which borders to Tufa Trier, and in 2020 there was a new start in Schammatdorf in Trier-Süd. Children and young people between the ages of 8 and 15 work freely and without specifications and find their own ideas and also inspire each other. Discovering individual creativity, respectful collaboration, solidarity and support for larger ideas, as well as negotiating compromises are the project’s desire and goal. After twelve years, the promoters are proud to have promoted many developments with the offer.

3rd prize: Perspectives eV Wittlich

Perspectives eV is a non-profit association that works impartially in the Bernkastel-Wittlich region and beyond for diversity and cohesion as well as against discrimination. The multilingual and multi-professional team includes people of different backgrounds, different ages, different genders and identities, with and without disabilities. The prize was awarded to a participatory film project, where twelve primary school children with and without a history of flight were given the opportunity to meet each other in a new way, while producing their own short film and showing what moves them. It required no prior experience, rather it was about discovering, asking questions, trying things out and immersing oneself in the different dimensions of film production. The project gave the children space to be involved in different ways in the four project phases in the development of the content of ideas and the conception of their short film, the filming, the post-processing of the film material and the premiere of their short film in a full cinema, and to experience them effectively . The project tested and strengthened social, creative, technical and language skills.

KultDING must become a permanent institution

For the foundation’s managing director, Frank Zwanziger, KultDING is a useful addition to the major art prize of Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz GmbH, which is awarded every two years under the patronage of the prime minister. The foundation’s managing director explains: “With KultDING, we want to fulfill our foundation’s mission and reward socio-cultural projects with and for children and young people.”

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