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CASTELLON, Spain, March 20 /PRNewswire/

Neolithic has a new and revolutionary generation of finishes 3D printing technologyunder the designation Neolith iconic design introduced. Within the framework of the three major pillars, design, innovation and sustainability, Neolith presents revolutionary finishes while maintaining the product philosophy and distinctive brand principles. At the same time, the company is launching a market breakthrough that will mark a new industry standard in sintered stone, thanks to the combination of the latest developments in decoration, technology and art.

With this festive and long-awaited launch, which was exclusively presented to the most important customers from over 80 countries, Neolith takes another step in the production of unique surfaces integrated design over the entire volume. It also allows for unique and natural renderings with an infinite number of decorative elements, such as geometric, transparent and semi-transparent protrusions and a wealth of incredible surface textures.

Patented technology

Thanks to the most advanced cutting-edge technology, they are surfaces with an impressive design, without limitation, with the best possible technical characteristics. A proprietary, patented and exclusive technology, the result of more than two years of hard work in R+D+i, in response to the needs of professionals in this sector and the end users’ own experiences; as a result, the brand offers architects and interior designers exclusive tools to realize their creations without having to limit their imagination.

A direction towards the 100% real 3D decoration that provides more vivid colors and greater depth. New textures are offered with a range of possibilities that until now seemed unimaginable in the industry. A novelty with great added value, especially when used for kitchen worktops and sink worktops.

This ambitious project, which required a high investment of over three million euros, was supported by the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development in Spain) and was implemented as part of Neolith’s industrial expansion plan; this has made it possible to create a tree of patents and sign many cooperation agreements with various and world-leading technological partners, in line with the company’s strategic plans, to always be able to take advantage of the latest technological advances and successfully implement them.

3D, sustainable and with 0% silicate in its composition

Neolith, the pinnacle of design, technology and sustainability, comes together in one carbon neutral environment made. The constant commitment and DNA of sustainability that characterizes Neolith has made it one of the most environmentally friendly materials today, setting completely new trends in architecture.

With the launch of Neolith Iconic Design, Neolith is at the forefront of innovation and presents a unique surface thanks to its composition and aesthetics. Based on a new composition Neolith Iconic Design has 0% silica in its composition, a revolutionary figure to date and the lowest in the industry.

About Neolith

Neolith was founded in 2009 and is the world market leader in sintered stones.

A revolutionary and innovative architectural surface, with superior technical properties and made from 100% natural raw materials.

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